Auction alert: 2000 WRC Subaru Impreza S6 WRC up for grabs

Auction alert: 2000 WRC Subaru Impreza S6 WRC up for grabs

KUALA LUMPUR: The Subaru Impreza used by Subaru World Rally Team is one of the most iconic cars to have graced the WRC. And now thanks to Collecting Cars - an online platform of collectable cars the Subabu beast is at auction.

Subaru Impreza S6 WRC auction

The platform is currently auctioning off a #11 chassis Subaru Impreza S6 WRC that participated in the 2000 WRC championship. Back then it was driven by the supremely talented Richard Burns. He claimed four out of five-race titles and was only five points shy of the champion (Grönholm Marcus driving Peugeot Esso) by the end of the season.

Subaru Impreza S6 WRC engine

It's common for outsiders to buy WRC rally cars, however, before handling the car to the new owner it is stripped off from any modifications or enhancements. But that's not the case with this particular Impreza.

Subaru Impreza S6 WRC cabin

The individual who acquires the Subaru rally beast will get to take the car with 'end of the season' acquisition terms. Meaning that the new owner will get the car directly from the Rally of Great Britain in 2000. That's not all, the rally car will even feature the battle damage acquired through the race and even include items left behind by the driver and navigator.

Subaru Impreza S6 WRC auction details

Previously, such an audition took place in 2018 and the owner revised a few things in the rally car to keep it in running condition. For instance, its engine, driveline, and gearbox were revised. Not to forget, the owner also remapped the car's ECU to run on petrol.

2000 WRC Subaru Impreza S6 WRC

Current position of the auction -

The Subaru Impreza S6 WRC has revised 10 bids, the highest one sitting at a whopping £410,000 (approx. RM 2.4 million). With five days to go before the auction ends, no one knows how far the figures will go.

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