Auction alert: 2006 Bentley Continental GTZ up for grabs at Goodwood

Auction alert: 2006 Bentley Continental GTZ up for grabs at Goodwood

KUALA LUMPUR: The ongoing Goodwood Festival of Speed is attracting a lot of traction, thanks to the stunning set of debutant cars, like the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm, Alpina B8 Gran Coupe, Aston Martin Speedster, BMW 2 Series, BMW i4, BMW iX, Genesis G80 Shooting Brake, and many more. Adding to its list of attractions is the auction of the 2006 Bentley Continental GTZ.

2006 Bentley Continental GTZ auction

There’s no doubt that this one is no standard Continental GT and the ‘Z’ in the name definitely adds some value to the deal. The said Continental GTZ, for a fact, was Bentley’s first collaboration with Carrozzeria Zagato, and the outcome is rather applaudable.

2006 Bentley Continental GTZ side

Furthermore, the car spent the first two years of its life as a standard Continental GT, as Zagato didn’t reveal the complete styling until 2008. Also, the owners must have really fallen in love with the double-bubble roof, as in 2009 they paid €500,000 (around RM 2.5 million) to convert their car at Zagoto’s factory.

2006 Bentley Continental GTZ engine

The end product is undoubtedly amazing, especially the car’s long flowing tail and stunning rear styling. Not to forget the exterior hue, light green, is rather delightful.

The cabin features a lovely dark green hue and a host of embroidered Z logos. Part of the list is also a full-leather headliner.

2006 Bentley Continental GTZ interior

This particular, up for auction 2006 Bentley Continental GTZ has spent its whole life in London. And a good explanation as to why its 6.0-litre W12 twin-turbo mill has only clocked 13,840 km.

2006 Bentley Continental GTZ rear

Estimated price? Well, in 2021, all this will cost somewhere between £400,000 and £500,000 (approx. RM 2.3m to RM 2.9m).

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