Audi working on new design philosophy for its upcoming lineup

  • Jan 02, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: In past few years, it has been observed that most of the German automakers have kept the design of their complete lineup similar with bare minimum elements to mark the difference. This has been widely adopted to make the brand’s model being widely recognizable in the market, especially in the emerging markets.  The same strategy was adopted by Audi and now, the team has decided to push the limits by giving each model its own unique identity.

Audi Q2

Soon, the ‘Russian Doll’ design philosophy will be replaced with a new one and this is reflected from the recently launched Audi Q2. Audi adopted the repeated design process to make Audis more recognizable in China and when the motive has been achieved quite effectively, it is now ready to work on giving a unique identity to each model.

Audi model

The Design Head, Marc Lichte said, “We have identified that there is a scope of more differentiation in the lineup. As the cars are in production for minimum six years, each model should get its own design to be more attractive over the competitors in their respective segment.”

Audi new design

He also believes that a big step for design will be taken when the electric models from the E-Tron family will mark their presence in the market next year. As the electric models will have compact dimensions, the flexibility of molding the proportion increases significantly. So, it is expected that we might see some attractive shorter overhangs and lower bonnets, making Audis more desirable. Let’s see how the Audi models take shape in the coming years with the new design strategy.


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