Hyundai Pushes the Fuel-Cell Game further with Nexo Crossover

  • Jan 16, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: It’s a fact that internal combustion engines have an uncertain future, which is the reason why automakers like Toyota, Honda and even biggies like Mercedes Benz have started working on commercializing the concept of Fuel-Cell technology.

Nexo Crossover Front

The latest development in the field is, however, is done by the South Korean automaker, Hyundai. At a recent CES 2018 press-conference, Hyundai announced its newest intervention in the Fuel-cell EV technology, named Nexo. What makes Nexo different is its improved range and advanced driver assistance technology.

Let's get to know Nexo a little better -

The Hyundai Nexo is said to share proportions with Hyundai's ongoing compact SUV Tucson, but what makes it special is its new platform that would allow better amalgamation of the fuel tank and powertrain. The fuel-cell will sit under the rear seat, thus blessing the vehicle with improved efficiency, acceleration, and aerodynamics. Also, the smart placement will enable passengers to enjoy more cabin space.  

Nexo Crossover Side

Moving up to its performance, Hyundai claims Nexo to display better figures than the ongoing Tucson FCEV. Talking figuratively, Nexon will showcase 20 percent better 0 to 60 mph time (approx 9.5 sec) along with 25 percent higher top speed when compared to Tucson FCEV. Also, the car would run easily for 370 miles before the driver feels the need to visit a hydrogen filling station.

Hyundai NEXO Crossover Concept

On the technology front, Nexo will display features that till date were restricted in high-end vehicles. Its Highway Driving Assistant feature will allow the car to move in a lane till a speed of 90 mph. According to company officials, the said system will work with the help of map data and sensors that would adjust the car speed. For changing lanes and parking in a narrow spot, the car will make use of its wide-angle camera.

As for its availability, Nexo will be available to buyers anytime soon, however, like company's previous fuel-cell tech blessed cars, it would too be available in the limited market. However, the company is trying to increase the availability of Hydrogen fuel station so that they can further expand its market base.

Why it has a lead over competitors?

Apart from better performance, internal set-up, and driver assistance technology, the Nexo can attract buyers with its attractive SUV like a proposition that its competitors are currently missing.



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