Malaysia Airports rented Renault Zoe to experimen with electric cars

  • Mei 15, 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: MAHB (Malaysia Airports) has rented two battery-powered Renault Zoe units, which will be tested at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. These two units are part of MAHB’s long-term plan of reducing carbon emissions.

Renault Zoe Exterior

The airport operator claims that adopting EVs will reduce the operational costs in the long term. Besides, it will help to sustain the current Level 3 Optimisation’s Airport Carbon Accreditation, which is certified by the Airport Council International.

MAHB said, “Malaysia Airports aims to replace the currently leased fuel cars to EVs as they can contribute to the reduction of 19,000 kg carbon dioxide emission produced per car per year.” It means that the company will increase the usage of EVs if the ongoing experiment provides a positive sign.

Renault Zoe side profile

Renault Zoe was introduced in the country back in March 2016 by the official distributor TC Euro Cars. It is a five-door B-segment hatchback-sized electric vehicle. It made its global debut in 2012. Under the hood, an electric motor has been provided that can produce a maximum power of 87 hp and a peak torque of 220 Nm.

The electric motor is fuelled by a 22 kWh lithium-ion battery, which is placed across the vehicle’s floor. The battery is capable of providing a driving range of around 210 km. Starting from 0, the car achieves 100 kmph mark in 13.5 seconds and can attain a top speed of 135 kmph. It has a price tag of RM 145,888.

Renault Zoe rear

Zoe received an update last year. The revised model features a new R110 electric motor, which can produce a maximum power of 108 hp and peak torque of 225 Nm. It can now complete the 0 to 100 kmph sprint in just 11.4 seconds. The upgraded 41 kWh Li-ion battery can offer a driving range of around 300 km. However, the two units of MAHB will be the original version having the R90 motor.


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