Toyota Yaris spotted under the hiked up cover in Malaysia, CKD soon?

  • Nov 06, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: The car was carefully covered up and was on its way when the storm came into the play and disturbed its privacy. A photographer happened to be just behind on the road trying to reach an event scheduled over the weekend. No opportunity was missed to snap the image the moment he could sense that the well-guarded vehicle was the Toyota Yaris peeping through the raised cover. This indicates the possibility that the Malaysia auto market might be preparing to welcome Toyota Yaris through CKD style.

Toyota Yaris

The snapshot of the unit taken does not showcase the car in detail as it was fully covered and only the hiked-up portion could be snapped. It reveals a red-color painted panel designed around the lower bumper that looks a bit odd with the Citrus Mica Metallic auto body. It can be assumed that the vehicle might be the TRD Sportivo version of the Toyota Yaris.

Toyota Yaris

The TRD Sportivo variant is available in Indonesia but the design and colour of the lower bumper in the Indo-spec model are different. It, however, rides on the similarly-fashioned 16-inch dual-toned rims spotted in the image. In Thailand, this version is unavailable at the entry level.

Toyota Yaris

CKD stands for Complete Knocked-Down that refers to the way a vehicle is imported into a nation. Under this method, a vehicle is not imported as a totally-finished product but is imported in parts and assembled locally thereafter. It does not involve paying a higher import duty but needs a longer waiting time surely.

Toyota Yaris

Earlier in 2016, Toyota announced its plan to establish a new factory in Malaysia and now it stands tall in Klang. It plans to deliver an initial annual output of around 50,000 units a year. The truck seen in the image carrying the vehicle was heading towards Klang. Toyota Yaris might make its way to the country via CKD style.


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