Top pre-requisites to prepare your car for a road trip

  • Dis 27, 2018

With the arrival of winters, the most obvious thing to look forward is the year-end celebration. Yes, the last few days of the calendar year mark the Christmas and New Year holidays and are looked forward by all to celebrate with their near and dear ones.

tips for a road trip ready car

With the ongoing trend of exploring new places and making the most of the holidays, several Filipino families plan road trips to exotic locations or adventurous places. Therefore the number of vehicles plying on the roads see a massive surge during the holiday season. This period is one of those times when your car requires special attention, to ensure that you have a free run for the holidays planned.

Following are key points to make sure that your beloved car is ready to tackle all the challenges this holiday season -

Have a thorough check-up of your car –

car checkup

First and foremost, you have to make sure that your beloved set of wheels is free of any damage, be it major or minor. Usually, in the winter season, the vehicles face a common problem of cold starts due to low battery charge or clogged fuel injectors, which are the key points to be looked after.

Avoid the last minute checkup and have a thorough service session at the nearby authorized service centre to avoid any midway breakdown. Check the condition of mechanical parts of the engine, suspension, and tires, and make sure that any big job, if required, gets rectified by a mechanic. You can do smaller jobs like checking the condition of lights and fluid top-ups.

Be ready for the hap-hazard of traffic –

Usually, the traffic levels do see a significant rise during the work hours in the late morning or evening, when all the people return to their homes. It is advisable to leave your homes in the early wee hours, which sees the minimum density of moving traffic on the road.

traffic on holidays

This practice inevitably reduces the stress that happens due to traffic stops at jams and signals. Also, it reduces the amount of pressure you put on your vehicle by less use of brake and clutch, thus reducing wear and tear of the parts. However, if you indeed get stuck in traffic, makes sure that you do make up for the time by having some light snacks and non-caffeinated drinks.

Ensure that the co-passengers are happy –

Considering that you are not traveling alone and have family or friends around, you must ensure their comfort and happiness. Firstly, a clean place is a happy place, ensure that you get your car clean from both in and out.

clean your car

Given the fact that you will keep edibles on the move, try to avoid any spillage of eateries in the car. For that, keep wipes, plastic bags, and tissue boxes handy. Also, it is advisable to make frequent stops to reduce boredom and keep the vehicle’s engine cool down.

Keep an emergency kit in the car –

Apart from the eateries, there are many other small knick-knacks which need to be present in the car in case you face an emergency. The first thing which pops in mind in such a situation is a first aid kit. The first aid kit should comprise of items like bandages, gauze, tape, medical scissors, antiseptic wash, and a few common medicines.

car emergency kit

Also, a torch with a couple of spare batteries is required, in case you get stuck in darkness. Besides, keep the phone numbers of police and medical responders saved in your mobile phones. And lastly, the presence of a basic toolkit with jumper cable is required as well, in case your vehicle does meet a minor breakdown.


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