What if you load gas in a diesel car? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

  • Nov 13, 2018

Well, if you own more than one or two vehicles at your home, chances are that you accidentally end up filling gasoline in your diesel or diesel in the gasoline car. This can happen due to carelessness, some urgency, or anything else.

Wrong Fuel In The Car?

First of all, if you’ve ended up pumping the wrong fuel in, no need to panic. A frustrated mind can get you and your car both in trouble by not taking the right decision and as a result, you might end up doing something which you weren’t supposed to.

Difference between diesel and gasoline combustion mechanism

Most people think that diesel and gasoline have no major difference and both work on the same mechanism. However, the real story is quite different. Diesel and gasoline combustion takes place quite differently.


Diesel, apart from powering up your engine, works as a lubricant as well. The diesel mill then compresses the diesel to ignite.

Wrong Fuel In The Car?


On the other hand, gasoline is only meant for combustion. It doesn’t have the tendency to lube the engine parts. Therefore, if you filled diesel in a gasoline car it won't start easily and problems like clogging may occur. Same happens when gasoline is pumped in a diesel car, which isn't capable of lubricating the engine. The situation will get worse due to increased friction in certain engine parts.

But as we’ve already told you, there is no need to worry. Accidents happen and it is not a major threat to your vehicle. Given that you follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully.

Don’t even think of turning the ignition on

Wrong Fuel In The Car?

If you haven't started your car yet, please don't even try. Because turning the motor on will combine the two fuels. Further destroying parts of your engine which were working just fine. And if not taken seriously, this can even cost you replacing the entire engine unit. So, first up, take the car keys out of the ignition keyhole and pull your call aside.

Wrong Fuel In The Car?

If you ended up doing it at the gasoline station itself, call the attendant and ask him/her to provide you with immediate help. Some fuel stations are equipped with service bays, where you can drain the wrongly filled fuel.

If you came to realize it late and drove off, make a stop

Wrong Fuel In The Car?

This might happen due to urgency or some other reason that you didn’t even realize pumping the wrong fuel in. Best is to stop the car as soon as possible and turn the ignition off to prevent engine corrosion.

However, some people believe that they can still drive home with the wrong fuel in their vehicle. But keep in mind, the longer you keep the motor on in such situations, the more you will regret later.

Ask for nearby help or call a towing company

Wrong Fuel In The Car?

In Malaysia, it's possible that someone passing by might help you. And if someone doesn’t, you always have the second option.

Try contacting the nearest towing company to get you and your vehicle to a service station or at your home where you can call your trusted mechanic. It's not needed to be mentioned that this convenient method comes at a price.

Contact an experienced or trusted mechanic

Wrong Fuel In The Car?

Once you’ve reached your home or the authorized service station, ask them to provide you with the most efficient mechanic. And if you’ve already contacted your trusted mechanic, then it's not an issue. Draining the fuel may take a reasonable amount of time depending on how long it has been there in your car.

Things not to forget

  • Do not press the panic button too soon.

  • Do not to start the engine.

  • Notify the gas station assistant.

  • Ensure that your vehicle is parked in a safe area.

  • Call a trustworthy technician or service station.

To prevent any such future mishaps. Get your fuel lid opener stickered with preferred fuel decals. Precaution is better than cure, right? And there ain’t no need of panicking in such situations, cause that’s gonna get you nothing but some unwanted stress.


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