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Honda Wave Alpha 2020 vs Kawasaki KSR PRO Comparison

Overview Honda Wave Alpha 2020 Kawasaki KSR PRO
Off Road Price*
(Kuala Lumpur)
RM 4,339 RM 7,358
User Rating
Available Color(s)
Wave Alpha 2020 Colors
KSR PRO Colors
Fuel Type
Petrol Motorcycles in Malaysia
Petrol Motorcycles in Malaysia
Vehicle Type
Moped Motorcycles in Malaysia
Dual Sport
Dual Sport Motorcycles in Malaysia

User Review Comparison

Honda Wave Alpha 2020
  • E
    Elijah Feb 18, 2020 for Honda Wave Alpha 2020

    I've ride this honda wave alpha for around 5 months and from my experience the fuel consumption is very efficient. From what i calculated, for every 1L i could reach Read More

  • A
    Alberto Dis 26, 2019 for Honda Wave Alpha 2020

    Being one of the very first customers of the Honda Wave Alpha, I feel lucky enough to be an early user of this new cub class bike. Its simplicity is Read More

  • M
    Muzakir Okt 22, 2019 for Honda Wave Alpha 2020

    For a commuter meant and designed for simple daily urban commutes, the Honda Wave Alpha suits the purpose with its compact feel and agility. This cub class bike doesn’t feel Read More

  • A
    Ashar Sep 26, 2019 for Honda Wave Alpha 2020

    The Wave Alpha has been a champion in my books. There is nothing I have not used this bike for, from carrying heavy loads to riding long distances to offroading, Read More

  • A
    Aisar Ogo 23, 2019 for Honda Wave Alpha 2020

    Honda Wave Alpha has been in the market for quite some time now and has gained popularity in the market mainly because it goes easy on your wallet and offers Read More

Kawasaki KSR PRO
  • A
    Azim Okt 25, 2018 for Kawasaki KSR PRO

    Like all other kids, my kid was also very fascinated with bikes and all. He always wanted to have his own. I told him t get decent scores in school Read More

From The Experts

  • Pros
  • Cons
Honda Wave Alpha 2020


Extremely fuel efficient

Comfortable ride

Kawasaki KSR PRO

Great styling

Very affordable

Fun handling

Honda Wave Alpha 2020

Small fuel tank

Outdated design

Kawasaki KSR PRO

Smaller capacity engine

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