BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Edition 40 Years GS
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I finally got this motorcycle and it’s amazing

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Ever since childhood, I have always been fascinated by cars and motorcycles. I have owned a few but never got a BMW motorcycle. So, I started searching for an appropriate model to get, and I saw this one. It is practically a car on two wheels. The space the design and the 40th-anniversary graphic, I loved it all. I was keen on getting it but I knew it would be hard to get because they take a long time to come and the demand would be high. But, luckily I got it, and let me tell you this motorcycle is unbelievably amazing. The power, the features, the comfort, the handling, everything is perfect. Even if you can’t get the 40th anniversary edition, you should definitely check out the R1250GS and the R1250GS adventure models. They are worth their prices.

Ishraq Mar 20, 2023
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  • Versatile performance, excellent handling

    For many motorcyclists, the BMW R 1250 GS is synonymous with conquering the pavement. However, in experienced hands, it can be a capable off-road vehicle. The R 1250 GS offers an outstanding blend of features that appeal to a wide range of riders. Its outstanding handling... Read More

    Alberto Mar 15, 2024 for BMW R 1250 GS
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  • Takes forward the legacy of the GS series

    I saw the BMW R 1250 GS Edition 40 Years GS for the first time at a motorcycling event and felt a special connection with it. The bike's special touches and rich heritage are the highlights of this two-wheeler. It has been made to celebrate forty years of GS excellence. I have... Read More

    Slamet Jul 20, 2023 for BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Edition 40 Years GS
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  • Pays homage to the legacy of GS bikes

    BMW R1250GS Adventure Edition 40Years GS pays homage to the legacy of GS bikes that have captivated hard-core adventure riders for decades. Inspired by the R 100 GS, the bike looks truly striking. With this bike, you can face rain and heat, mud and dust, and unknown terrains... Read More

    Haziq Jul 19, 2023 for BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Edition 40 Years GS
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  • My companion on every adventure I go on

    I am fond of motorcycles and traveling and when you have a companion like the BMW R 1250GS, you never get tired of the road. The best part is that I can go where no roads exist as well thanks to the incredible performance of this vehicle. You know what’s impressive? This... Read More

    Panjang Mar 20, 2023 for BMW R 1250 GS
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  • Big bike from BMW that offers amazing handling capacity

    I have recently opted for BMW r-1250-gs-adventure. Must say riding on this big bike and getting used to it cannot happen instantaneously. Yet one thing I could observe, this bike needs to get respect but that is not for its massive size alone. Also, due to its handling... Read More

    Johan Feb 07, 2023 for BMW R 1250 GS Adventure
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