Ottimo Viz110
Ottimo Viz110 RM 4,288
Dp RM 900 EMI : RM 44 x 84

Ottimo Viz110 Images

Checkout the Ottimo Viz110 2024 images, the Ottimo Viz110 bike has 21 Images. Also, Viz110 is available in 2 different colors in Malaysia.

Ottimo Viz110 2024 Exterior Images

Ottimo Viz110 has 21 images of its exterior, top Ottimo Viz110 2024 exterior images include Slant Front View Full Image, Slant Rear View Full Image, Front View Full Image, Rear Viewfull Image, Left Side View Full Image, Right Side Viewfull Image, Engine View, Head Light View, Side Indicators Front, Exhaust View, Side Indicators Rear, Rear Suspension, Rider Seat View, Tail Light View, Front Brake, Rear Brake, Front Tyre, Rear Tyre, Back Side View, Slant Back Side View Right, Marketing Image.

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Ottimo Viz110 Slant Front View Full Image
Slant Front View Full Image
Ottimo Viz110 Slant Rear View Full Image
Slant Rear View Full Image
Ottimo Viz110 Front View Full Image
Front View Full Image
Ottimo Viz110 Rear Viewfull Image
Rear Viewfull Image
Ottimo Viz110 Left Side View Full Image
Left Side View Full Image
Ottimo Viz110 Right Side Viewfull Image
Right Side Viewfull Image
Ottimo Viz110 Engine View
Engine View
Ottimo Viz110 Head Light View
Head Light View
Ottimo Viz110 Side Indicators Front
Side Indicators Front
Ottimo Viz110 Exhaust View
Exhaust View
Ottimo Viz110 Side Indicators Rear
Side Indicators Rear
Ottimo Viz110 Rear Suspension
Rear Suspension
Ottimo Viz110 Rider Seat View
Rider Seat View
Ottimo Viz110 Tail Light View
Tail Light View
Ottimo Viz110 Front Brake
Front Brake
Ottimo Viz110 Rear Brake
Rear Brake
Ottimo Viz110 Front Tyre
Front Tyre
Ottimo Viz110 Rear Tyre
Rear Tyre
Ottimo Viz110 Back Side View
Back Side View
Ottimo Viz110 Slant Back Side View Right
Slant Back Side View Right

Ottimo Viz110 Colours

Ottimo Viz110 Colors

Ottimo Viz110 is available in 2 different colors - Blue, Red.

Ottimo Viz110 Blue
Ottimo Viz110 Red

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  • Petrol
  • Viz110 Standard
    RM 4,288 Expected Price
    Base Variant Features
    • Petrol
    • Automatic
    • Accessory Outlet
    • Adjustable Headlights
    • Side Wings
    • Shutter Lock
    • Side Reflectors
    • Indicator Light

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Ottimo Viz110 Owner Reviews

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4.14/5 Very Good based on 7 reviews
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  • A stylish bike

    The sleek and slim design of the Ottimo VIZ 110 will remind you of a Japanese bike. It has a 3.6-liter fuel tank, making it capable of traveling up...

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    Rayzal Nov 02, 2023 for Ottimo Viz110
  • Commuting can be done in style

    Want a stylish-looking moped for your daily commuting needs? Trust me when I am advocating for the Ottimo Viz 110. I feel that the Viz 110 is one...

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    Khilaal May 26, 2023 for Ottimo Viz110
  • Affordable, serves the purpose

    I have been riding the Ottimo VLZ110 for more than three years now. I was reluctant to buy it at first. But was convinced when I saw one of my office...

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    Jasper Dec 27, 2022 for Ottimo Viz110
  • Ravishing looking bike with some genius touches to mention about

    This brand name was quite new to me. But yet I gained some confidence to buy this upon the recommendation of a dear friend of mine who has opted for...

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    John Vic Nov 18, 2022 for Ottimo Viz110
  • Super stylish appearance

    I was gifted Ottimo Viz110 almost half a year ago on my graduation day, by my dad. The very first word that left my mouth was “wow” when I saw it...

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    Imen Jun 24, 2021 for Ottimo Viz110
  • Choice of the youth

    It's been around six to seven months since I have been using VIZ110 and I am actually loving it. It is categorized among the top stylish bikes for...

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    Yaqeen Jan 06, 2021 for Ottimo Viz110
  • Ideal for college-going individuals

    I have been using the VIZ110 for quite some time and I really love riding on it on a daily basis. This bike can also be considered as one of the most...

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    Jomin Feb 12, 2020 for Ottimo Viz110
Ottimo Viz110 reviews

Ottimo Viz110 Questions & Answers (FAQs)

How many images available in Ottimo Viz110?

Ottimo Viz110 motorcycle has 21 exterior Images.

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How many colour options available in Ottimo Viz110?

Ottimo Viz110 is available in 2 different colors in Malaysia. check Viz110 colors images.

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What are the color options available in Ottimo Viz110?

There are total 2 colors available in Malaysia for Ottimo Viz110: Blue and Red etc.

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