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Check out the 2024 QJ Motor motorcycles price list in the Malaysia. As of 29 February 2024, QJ Motor sells 8 motorcycles in Malaysia. 1 Scooter, 4 Sport, 1 Cruiser, 2 Adventure Touring are being offered by QJ Motor in the Malaysia. QJ Motor’s highly price model is the SRT800X at RM 42,888 and the cheapest model is the 600RC at RM 39,888 . Select a QJ Motor motorcycle to know the latest promo in your city, prices, specifications, pictures, mileage and User reviews.

QJ Motor Motorcycles Price in Malaysia

QJ Motor Motorcycles Models Price List
QJ Motor SRT800 RM 39,888
QJ Motor SRT800X RM 42,888
QJ Motor 600RC RM 39,888

QJ Motor Scooter Malaysia Price List 2024

QJ Motor scooter prices start at for the model QJ Motor QJ Motor LTR150.

QJ Motor Scooter Models Price List
QJ Motor LTR150

QJ Motor Malaysia Line-up

QJ Motor Scooter QJ Motor LTR150
QJ Motor Sport QJ Motor 600RC, SRK250RR, SRK250, SRK600
QJ Motor Cruiser QJ Motor SRV250
QJ Motor Adventure Touring QJ Motor SRT800 , SRT800X
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8 QJ Motor Motorcycles Malaysia

  • QJ Motor SRT800
    QJ Motor SRT800
    RM 39,888 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    QJ Motor SRT800 Price 1 Variant
  • QJ Motor SRT800X
    QJ Motor SRT800X
    RM 42,888 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    SRT800X Price 1 Variant
  • QJ Motor 600RC
    QJ Motor 600RC
    RM 39,888 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    QJ Motor 600RC Price 1 Variant
  • QJ Motor SRK250RR
    QJ Motor SRK250RR Price coming soon 1 Variant
  • QJ Motor SRV250
    QJ Motor SRV250 Price coming soon 1 Variant
  • QJ Motor SRK250
    QJ Motor SRK250 Price coming soon 1 Variant
  • QJ Motor SRK600
    QJ Motor SRK600 Price coming soon 1 Variant
  • QJ Motor LTR150
    QJ Motor LTR150 Price coming soon 1 Variant
  • Key Highlights of QJ Motor Malaysia

    Popular Models QJ Motor SRT800 , SRT800X, QJ Motor 600RC, SRK250RR, QJ Motor SRV250
    Expensive Model SRT800X
    Affordable Model QJ Motor SRT800
    Body Type Scooter, Sport, Cruiser, Adventure Touring
    Fuel Type Petrol
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  • QJ Motor User Reviews

    • Affordable adventure bike from Chinese automaker

      Recently I got acquainted with this enormous Chinese automakers who are into manufacturing of scooties, motorcyles, parts and engines. I got so intrigued about the brand that did not delay to purchase their latest qj-motor srt800. As far as I could figure out that its design has been thoroughly inspired by one of the most esteemed Benelli model. The bike

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      Khajeer Aug 17, 2023 for QJ Motor SRT800
    • Efficient and awesome looking edition that stands out due to best engineering

      I liked the model for quite a few reasons. Anyone who gives special emphasis on the engineering of a model will surely get thoroughly impressed at it. The model is excellently equipped with a powerful engine and a strong gearbox. This is purely going to prove to be the best value for money edition for many. I am surely like

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      Jomin Oct 05, 2023 for QJ Motor SRT800X
    • Durable bike that offers a commendable riding experience

      I might have ridden of tried out test rides on plenty of bikes so far, but the riding experience on Qj-motor 600rc was very exclusive to me. I felt with the first test ride that this is one of the superior model which I have missed out riding earlier. In fact I did not delay to buy the bike either

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      Dew Feb 15, 2024 for QJ Motor 600RC
  • QJ Motor Motorcycles Malaysia FAQs

    What is the Price list of QJ Motor Motorcycles in Malaysia?

    QJ Motor Motorcycles in Malaysia comes with price list of RM 39,888 to RM 42,888 .

    What scooter are offered by QJ Motor?

    QJ Motor offers 1 scooter models in the Malaysia namely: QJ Motor LTR150.

    What is the newest QJ Motor Motorcycle?

    The newest motorcycle offered from QJ Motor in the Malaysia is the all new QJ Motor SRK250RR 2024, QJ Motor SRV250 2024, QJ Motor SRK250 2024 and QJ Motor SRK600 2024.