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Check out the 2022 Niu price list in the Malaysia. As of 16 January 2022, Niu motorcycle prices start at RM 8,800 for the most inexpensive model N-Series and goes up to RM 8,800 for the most expensive motorcycle model Niu N-Series.

Niu Scooter Malaysia Price List 2022

Niu scooter prices start at RM 8,800 for the model Niu N-Series.

Niu Scooter Models Price
Niu N-Series RM 8,800
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Niu Motorcycles News and Reviews

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Niu Motorcycles User Reviews

  • R
    Reverend Nov 09, 2021 for Niu N-Series

    The Niu N Series is one such bike that brings you the future of transportation with its minimalist design feature and simplified driving system. Yes, the bike runs on batteries and is quite the first-time experience for me! While I was very dubious about shifting from a petrol engine to an electric one, I am shocked by the performance and Read More 20

  • C
    Christiaan Sep 10, 2021 for Niu N-Series

    Environmentalists will find this to be the best alternative. In the past, I've always wished I could buy something that would be less harmful to the environment. Electric scooter from NIU that can travel 80 kilometres in one charge. In the city, these e-scooters are only useful for short excursions. It takes six hours to fully charge the scooter, which Read More 29

  • A
    Aizat Jun 29, 2021 for Niu N-Series

    My father bought me the NUI N series on my birthday. I have been using the scooter for the last couple of months and I am super happy with the performance it has given me. One single charge lasts about 80km, which is perfect for me as I mostly take it out for going to college and back. The e-scooter Read More 85

  • K
    Kechik Jan 06, 2021 for Niu N-Series

    For advocates of the environment, this is the ideal option to choose. I always wanted to buy something that will cause less damage to mother nature. This e-scooter from NIU provides you with a mileage of 80 kilometers on a single charge. These e-scooters are only convenient for short urban trips but will save nature at least on small trips. Read More 87

  • M
    Manuel Feb 12, 2020 for Niu N-Series

    For an eco-friendly person like me, the e-scooter from NIU is an ideal option. This scooter is best-suited for short urban trips as the battery which powers this bike has a range of around 80 kilometers on a single charge. The recharge time could have been a bit less because it takes almost six hours to charge the scooter to Read More 258

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