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  • H
    Harrison Apr 19, 2021 for Daiichi Caro Pro 110

    When we say street bike, there is a certain image that comes to our mind. Although, the Daiichi Caro Pro 110 is something completely different. It is one of the most unique street bikes in Malaysia and after riding it for almost a year, I can say that it is one of the best in the segment as well. I Read More 0

  • M
    Marcus Apr 19, 2021 for Daiichi Caro 70 AX

    As a beginner at motorcycles, I was very anxious about the fact whether I would be able to handle the bike I buy. Then I came across the Daiichi Caro 70 AX. Just as I saw the bike I thought it was the perfect one for me. In fact, it is perfect for every beginner. It’s worth the money and Read More 0

  • U
    Usama Jan 29, 2020 for Daiichi Cfmoto 650 TR

    The CFMOTO 650 TR is one of the best touring bikes in the country. I have had the opportunity of riding this bike quite a few times and after every ride I was completely satisfied with its performance. For starters, the seating position and the seat as well are so comfortable that long journeys feel like a cakewalk to you. Read More 78

  • T
    Tenuk Jan 29, 2020 for Daiichi Megelli 250 SR

    I have a habit of going on a ride every weekend with my friends and we ensure that we do not tread on the beaten path. Thus, I required a bike in which I could put my faith while going in unknown areas and the Megelli 250 SR is one such bike. Even though I am a short-heighted person, I Read More 15

  • S
    Sulung Jan 29, 2020 for Daiichi Megelli 250 RR

    According to me, the Megelli 250 RR is one of the most beautiful and sporty bikes currently roaming on the streets of Malaysia. The main thing that I like about this bike is its 250cc liquid-cooled engine that churns out 26hp of power at 8500 rpm and 22.8Nm of torque at 7000 rpm. This much power proves to be sufficient Read More 68

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