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    Isfahann Jun 04, 2021 for Daiichi Cfmoto 650 TR

    I fell in love with the Daiichi CFMoto 650 TR’s sleek sporty design the first time I laid my eyes on it, and after the test drive, I wasted no time buying it. As a proud owner of the 650 TR, I can guarantee this is the best sports bike experience you will ever encounter. The 650cc engine gave an Read More 6

  • A
    Ashraf Jun 04, 2021 for Daiichi Megelli 250 SR

    I have been off-roading for quite some time and as my love for it grew, I decided I need a sturdier, more rugged bike. I have heard about Daiichi’s bikes being famous for off-roading so when I took my brother’s new Daiichi Megelli 250 SR, I decided to go for the same. The bike is sturdy enough even for the Read More 1

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    Ashraf Jun 04, 2021 for Daiichi Megelli 250 RR

    If you have grown up watching movies like Torque and On Any Sunday like me, you earn a huge love and respect for sports bikes. So when I could finally have my own bike I decided to go for the sporty Daiichi Megelli 250 RR. This beast is the epitome of good looks and speed - the 249.6cc engine holds Read More 1

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    Ashraf Jun 04, 2021 for Daiichi Cfmoto 650 NK

    My wife gifted me the Daiichi CFMoto 650 last month on my birthday and I am very happy with the overall performance of the bike. Not only does the bike look good, but I am very impressed with its performance at this price range. The 649.3 cc engine has more power than I gave it credit for - it works Read More 9

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    Arjuna Jun 04, 2021 for Daiichi Megelli 250 MR

    I have been waiting to invest in a decent-performing, affordable and economic daily commute bike when I came across my friend’s Daiichi Megelli 250 MR. He let me take it out for a spin and I quickly decided to buy it. This bike ticked all the boxes for me - comfort, less price range, good fuel efficiency. Although looks were Read More 5

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