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  • S
    Syahmie Rasshidi Okt 16, 2020 for Modenas Pulsar NS200

    An avid lover of underbones, the Modenas Pulsar NS200 was my first ever purchase that has been with me for over two years now. This vehicle is one of the best options that I have come across in a long time and it indeed is one of the best naked bikes that you will find across the Malaysian markets. The Read More 10

  • z
    Zakwan Okt 16, 2020 for Modenas Kriss 110

    I wanted to purchase a bike that would help me in my need for daily commuting and also help me in intercity travel as I really have to travel a lot for my business. Comfort was my topmost priority when it came to my next bike, followed by agile handling and great mileage. I’m glad that I came across all Read More 18

  • H
    Hadees Okt 01, 2020 for Modenas Pulsar RS200

    Modenas Pulsar RS200 is a beast. It is one of the most powerful 200cc motorcycle in Malaysia and is second only to the KTMs. But one thing is for sure, on a long highway race, the Pulsar RS will win as the engine is high-revving and there is no speed limiter to restrict. I agree that the design of the Read More 52

  • A
    Archie Sep 18, 2020 for Modenas Elegan 250

    Originally a product of Kymco, the Elegan 250 is sold under the brand Modenas, in Malaysia. After extensive research of the market and checking out the specs and reviews of several urban maxi-scooters, the Modenas Elegan 250 clearly stood out as the best option. Starting from a really affordable price tag to a decent 249.1 cc liquid-cooled engine that makes Read More 128

  • M
    Mudassir Sep 07, 2020 for Modenas CT 115S

    Being a frequent traveller between cities, I’ve always had to rely on motorcycles that would serve me effective mileage and comfortable riding. Modenas CT 115S has been one such motorcycle to me, thanks to a suggestion from one of my close friends. I found the design feature of the bike very tempting due to its youth-focused sharp styling. Moreover, the Read More 43