Modenas Kriss MR1: Features explained

Modenas Kriss MR1: Features explained

The Kriss MR1 was first launched in Malaysia in 1996. It was developed in collaboration with Kawasaki and based on the Kawasaki Kazer 110. Very soon afterwards, it became one of the most loved 4 stroke underbone motorcycles in the country. In 2000 and 2001 one out every two underbones in the country was a Kriss.

Modenas Kriss MR1

Modenas has always wanted to replicate that popularity and has made several attempts. The most significant of these would be the one in 2012 when the company decided to revise the lineup with the launch of the 100cc variant as the MR1 or Motosikal Rakyat 1Malaysia or 1Malaysia People's Motorcycle. But in truth, the Kriss has always been the people’s motorcycle in Malaysia, since its very debut.

Kriss MR1 Side

The Kriss MR1 is easy to ride and easy to own. With over 15000 units sold since its 2011 relaunch, it has regained its status on the roads of Malaysia. It is a refined product with a multitude of features that make it the people’s motorcycle for Malaysia.

Modenas Kriss MR1 Side

The basic model of the Kris MR1 is currently available for RM 3415 inclusive of GST. This pricing is extremely aggressive and shows how serious Modenas is about gaining back their territory. This becomes even more apparent when we consider that Modenas’ other 100 cc underbone, the CT100 is available for RM 3800. It is also much lower than the Honda EX5.

Kriss MR1 Tyre

There are three color options to choose from – orange, red, and blue. The graphics lend it a very stylish and youthful look. The styling of the bike otherwise is very pleasing to the eye without being too aggressive. The taillight cluster with its integrated tail lamp and indicators is especially attractive and looks like a rocket when lit up.

The bike has a basic instrument analog instrument panel. There is an odometer, a speedometer, and a fuel gauge.

Both the Kriss MR1 and the CT100 use the same 100cc engine. It is an air cooled 4-stroke single cylinder SOHC displacing 97.2cc. The maximum power output is 6.7 hp at 7500 rpm and peak torque of 6.7 Nm is delivered at 5500 rpm.

It uses a 4-speed rotary transmission that operates without any hitch and allows smooth gear changes. Its primary reduction ratio is 4.058 and its final reduction is 2.71.  

This version comes with both a kick start and an electric starter. There is also a cheaper variant that comes with only a kick starter which costs RM 100 or so less than the one with both a kick starter and an electric starter.

A good mileage is crucial in a value for money proposition. In order to be a people’s bike, the Modenas Kriss MR1 needs to score well on fuel efficiency. And indeed with 46.2 kmpl while doing speeds of 80 kmph, it does pretty well.  

It has a 4.3 L fuel tank that gives it the range of 200 km. This means that trips to the petrol station will be less frequent.

The final and probably the most important aspect of a people’s motorcycle is the fact that it has to be easy to live with. Modenas are not complicated. They have also been on the market for a very long time and therefore are easy to repair and find spares for. These spares are also cheap to acquire and easily available. There is even a thriving customizing scene present in Malaysia.

Some bikes have cult followings. The Modenas Kris MR1 is an underbone with mass appeal. It has a legacy that most companies can only dream of. Will it be able to replicate it in the new era? Only time will tell.      

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Modenas Kriss MR1
RM 3,300 Emi Starts : RM 33

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