Coronavirus quarantine life: DIY tips to store your two-wheeler

Coronavirus quarantine life: DIY tips to store your two-wheeler

It seems that the troubles of Malaysian people are not going to be sought anytime soon, as the new coronavirus infection in the country continues to reach double digits daily. In a special address on Sunday, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has announced the extension of MCO for a further month until June 9, which is the fourth extension since it was enforced on March 18. Well, this is the only way we can contain this virus from spreading. However, this quarantine period could take a toll on your two-wheeler from not being used for such a long time. So, here we have listed some “Do it yourself” tips that can help you to store your two-wheeler for the long run:

Wash your two-wheeler properly

Wash your two-wheeler properly

Proper and regular cleaning of the two-wheeler extends the life of its parts. As if you keep your bike clean, then there are fewer chances of rust building, and of course, aesthetic reasons are not required to mention. 

Inspect and lubricate the joints

The vehicle has a lot of interconnected parts, which may retain dewdrops or moisture sometimes, so in that case, you need to apply vegetable oil or coconut oil over those parts which will likely keep them damp. These are brake and clutch cable joints, footpeg, and kick start lever joints. The oil application will not only lubricate these parts to a certain extent but also prevent them from rust. You can also apply WD 40 on these for effective results.

Bike engine

Disconnect the battery

The battery of the two-wheel continues to discharge slowly, even while staying idle. And, over this long quarantine period, it may get drained completely. If this happens, it would be great trouble for you in cranking the motor back again. So to avoid this situation, what all you need to do is disconnect the battery. To do this, open the battery compartment and disconnect all the wires from the battery terminals. Then, remove the battery and keep it in a cool, dry place inside your home. Moreover, apply WD 40 on the battery terminals, if you have. By following this simple tip, you can greatly extend the lifespan of your two-wheeler battery.

Keep the insides of the engine rust-free

Keeping the two-wheeler idle for a long time can also cause rust to accumulate inside the engine cylinder. To deal with this, you can drain some oil from the engine into a small cup. After that, you need to detach the spark plug and pour some oil into the combustion chamber. Now use the kick lever to move the piston up and down for coating the oil smoothly across the cylinder walls. But if your two-wheeler does not have a kick-lever, then you can put it into first-gear and move it manually to do the same. Once you are done with this process, don’t forget to put the spark plug back in place.

Prop your bike properly and close the exhaust tip

Bike side stand

If your two-wheeler carries the main stand, then you can use it for propping the vehicle. After doing so, place the bricks under all the tyres. It will prevent contact with the ground and will also keep the tyres away from water. In case your commuter does not have a main stand, then you also need to prop up the side stand with the help of brick along with the tyres. This will make your vehicle resting on a raised surface. Furthermore, apply some peppermint oil on a metal scrubber and use it to close the exhaust tip. It will protect your commuter from the harm caused by rats.

You can also do a spray of insecticide around the area where your two-wheeler is parked so that there would be no insect infestation either. Repeat this every week to maintain the impact. On the top of the engine casing, put some naphthalene balls so that insects cannot even intrude through it. 

Cover you vehicle

Now with a properly-fitting cover wrap your two-wheeler. If it is not a proper fit, you can use cloth clips for securing it for the quarantine period.

By following these simple “DIY” tips, your commuter will stay safe until this pandemic buzzes off. Till then, stay home and stay safe. 

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