2023 Honda ADV160 vs Yamaha NVX - Which one is better?

2023 Honda ADV160 vs Yamaha NVX - Which one is better?

When it comes to choosing a two-wheeler in Malaysia, the two major brands that pop up in our minds are Honda and Yamaha. Both offer versatile, practical, and affordable options to Malaysian riders that well serve different purposes such as commuting to work, exploring new roads, or just cruising around town. As the title reads, today we will be comparing the two popular maxi-scooters belonging to each brand - Honda ADV160 and Yamaha NVX to help you make an informed decision if you are looking for a scooter in this segment. So, let’s get started.


  • Which one is better - Honda ADV160 or Yamaha NVX?

    Both Honda ADV160 and Yamaha NMax are worth considering options in the segment. The latter comes at a higher price with the HSTC system, a bigger fuel tank, and higher ground clearance. Ultimately, the choice boils down to individual preferences and requirements.
  • Yamaha NVX



    Price (on-the-road, without insurance)

    Honda ADV160

    RM 12,999 

    Yamaha NVX

    RM 9,598 (Standard variant)

    RM 11,498 (ABS variant)

    While the Honda scooter comes in a single trim equipped with ABS, the Yamaha NVX is offered in two trims - Standard and ABS. The Honda ADV160 is dearer by RM 1,500 than the range-topping NVX.

    Honda ADV 160



    Colour options

    Honda ADV160

    Vivacity Red and Matte Charcoal Gray Metallic

    Yamaha NVX

    Mystique Ruby and Platinum Navy (for ABS variant) & Cyan & Matt Grey (for Standard variant)

    Yamaha NVX



    Honda ADV160

    Yamaha NVX


    1,950 mm

    1,980 mm


    763 mm

    700 mm


    1,196 mm

    1,150 mm


    1,324 mm

    1,350 mm

    Ground clearance

    165 mm

    145 mm

    Seat height

    780 mm

    790 mm


    133 kg

    122 kg (Standard)

    125 kg (ABS)

    Fuel Tank


    5.5-litre (promises 200 km drive per tank)

    Underseat storage

    30 litres

    25 litres


    14-inch alloy front with 110/80 tyre

    13-inch alloy rear with 130/70 tyre

    14-inch rear and front wheel shod with 110/80 front and 140/70 rear tyres

    The ADV160 is wider and taller than the NVX, thus offering riders better comfort and riding height. When it comes to length and wheelbase, the Yamaha scooter is longer by 30 mm and 26 mm, respectively. 

    Honda ADV160

    The ADV 160 has an impressive fuel tank capacity that eliminates the need for frequent refuelling stops and thus makes it more convenient for the rider. It also offers a larger under-seat storage area accommodating more essential stuff than the Yamaha scooter. True to its name, the ADV has a better ground clearance promising improved handling and stability on rough roads and trails. However, it weighs almost 8 to 11 kg heavier than the NVX.

    Engine specifications


    Honda ADV160

    Yamaha NVX


    156.9-cc eSP+ single-cylinder, liquid-cooled mill fed by PGM-Fi

    155-cc liquid-cooled, SOHC, single-cylinder with Variable Valve Actuation

    Max power

    15.82 PS at 8,500 rpm

    15.4 PS at 8,000 rpm

    Max torque

    14.7 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm

    13.9 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm




    Yamaha NVX

    The Honda adventure scooter is powered by a 156.9-cc eSP+ single-cylinder mill which is fed by PGM-Fi. The Yamaha model, on the other hand, comes with a 155-cc liquid-cooled, SOHC VVA engine. In terms of output levels, both units deliver almost the same power with the ADV 160 delivering a higher torque than the NVX.



    Honda ADV160

    Yamaha NVX


    LED with daytime running lights


    Tail light



    Instrument console

    Fully digital with all information on one screen, including warning lights 

    Fully digital LCD with smartphone connectivity option via Yamaha Y-Connect app 

    USB  charger

    5V 2.1A (in the console box)

    12V DC (in the front cowl)

    Keyless entry

    Honda Smart Key

    Yes (ABS)

    Adjustable windscreen



    Driver-assistance tech

    Honda Selectable Torque Control (aka traction control)


    Honda ADV160

    In terms of features, both scooters are equally attractive. Both come with LED headlights, fully digital panels, and smart keyless systems. 

    However, what keeps the ADV160 one step ahead is the inclusion of Honda Selectable Torque Control (also known as traction control). This driver-assistance system is typically found on motorbikes with engine capacities above 250cc; it can sense when there is a potential loss of traction in the rear wheel and adjust torque accordingly, allowing the tyre to maintain grip and providing riders with better stability on the road.


    Suspension & braking


    Honda ADV160

    Yamaha NVX

    Front Suspension



    Rear Suspension

    Twin gas-charged sub-tank shock absorbers

    Twin shock absorbers adjustable for preload (ABS)/

    Spring preload-adjustable (Standard)

    Front brakes

    240 mm petal disc 

    230 mm single hydraulic disc with ABS / Single Hydraulic Disk (Standard)

    Rear brakes

    220 mm petal disc 

    Mechanical drum 

    Both scooters are equipped with reliable and efficient mechanisms for absorbing shocks and slowing down or stopping, ensuring the rider's comfort and stability. 


    In the end, we conclude the Honda ADV160 and Yamaha NMax are great options that are worth considering. The latter comes at a higher price, which is quite justified by HSTC, a bigger fuel tank, and higher ground clearance. So ultimately, the choice boils down to individual preferences and requirements. 

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    Explore Yamaha NVX

    • Yamaha NVX Slant Front View Full Image
    • Yamaha NVX Slant Rear View Full Image
    • Yamaha NVX Front View Full Image
    • Yamaha NVX Rear Viewfull Image
    • Yamaha NVX Left Side View Full Image
    • Yamaha NVX Right Side Viewfull Image
    • Yamaha NVX Fuel Tank View
    • Yamaha NVX Engine View
    • Yamaha NVX Front Tyre View
    • Yamaha NVX Head Light View
    • Yamaha NVX Side Indicators Rear
    • Yamaha NVX Rear Suspension
    • Yamaha NVX Rider Seat View
    • Yamaha NVX Silencer
    • Yamaha NVX Front Brake
    • Yamaha NVX Rear Tyre
    • Yamaha NVX Speedometer
    • Yamaha NVX Slant Back Side View Right
    Yamaha NVX
    RM 9,598 - 11,498 Emi Starts : RM 99 x 84

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