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User Reviews of Zontes Motorcycles

  • R
    Ridhwan Dis 03, 2020 for Zontes ZT310-R

    One of the most attractive things about Zontes ZT 310 R is the instrument cluster as it comes with a lot of techs and looks very attractive. The twin exhaust tips sound really sweet and make the engine sound really refined. The rear tire offers a good amount of grip and amazing confidence while concerning. I am completely satisfied with Read More 30

  • I
    Idrak Dis 03, 2020 for Zontes ZT310-X

    Zontes ZT 310 X flaunts a very unique design and I have not seen a bike with such design language with similar looks. The way it looks, makes it feels like a superbike, especially the twin exhaust tips on offer. The way the engine performance is mind-blowing as it is super smooth and reached triple-digit speeds in no time. The Read More 10

  • Y
    Yusman Affandy Bin Yusof Feb 21, 2020 for Zontes ZT310-T

    Zontes 310 T memang mantap dari segi kuasa kuda dan pecutan sesuai untuk saya yang beginner ni. Jalan jauh tiada masalah untuk pecut dan memotong. Saya telah ride ke krabi phuket dan hatyai dan tiada masalah dengan kelajuan 130 km/j dan sehingga 150 km/j cuma pada kelajuan itu sedikit rasa tidak stabil akibat goyang dek angin melintang yang kuat.. Read More 747

  • I
    Iesa Jul 08, 2019 for Zontes ZT310-X

    I was looking for a fantastic bike at a bike showroom and I saw Zontes ZT310-X in the display. It looked beautiful and when I enquired about its features, they also seem to be good. The seats, brakes, engine, handlebars, lights, all were looking good. The body of the bike is that of a sport tourer. The seating position is Read More 201

  • M
    Mizn Jul 08, 2019 for Zontes ZT310-T

    Zontes ZT310-T is an adventure tourer bike and I needed such bike as the seating arrangement is good. I tested the bike before buying it and found that there are good features in it. Reaching handlebars is easy and comfortable and seating position is also correct. It is easy to start the bike because of the single cylinder engine present Read More 499

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