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    AKMAL Ogo 21, 2019 for Brixton BX 150
    One of the best retro motorcycle in the market

    I was always a fan of retro machines and have been collecting them since my school days. Once I was old enough to drive a motorcycle, I had already decided which motorcycle I would opt for. The Brixton 150 was my choice because this is probably the best-looking motorcycle in the Malaysian market. Aside from being affordable, the Brixton 150 Read More 0

  • F
    Fehmeed Jul 25, 2019 for Brixton BX 150
    A perfect retro motorcycle

    When I first saw the Brixton BX 150, I fell in love with this motorcycle. I just love the way it was designed since the round headlamps with round indicators on its side steal the show. In addition to this, the simple tyres and the flat seat of the BX 150 offer a very sober yet subtle look to the Read More 12

  • A
    Aryan Jul 02, 2019 for Brixton BX 150
    speedy and light weight

    My father gifted me Brixton BX 150 on my 22nd birthday and said “you go rider.” I am very lucky to have a father like him. He knows my interests pretty sure. I never asked him for the bike or things but he is the one who makes me feel proud. Well, what should I say about this bike. I Read More 14

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    Arden Jun 06, 2019 for Brixton BX 150
    Old school charm

    The main thing that drew me to the Brixton BX 150 was it looks. I have always been a fan of the classic motorcycles and have been wanting to own one for a while now. I am not a hardcore biker and hence the BX 150 was a great choice. The build quality of the bike is good and nothing Read More 24

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    Andrew Mei 20, 2019 for Brixton BX 150
    Unique looking retro bike

    Are you in search for a retro looking bike that reminds you of the bikes that 70s or 80s heroes used to ride? Well I would suggest you to go for Brixton bx 150. This bike is simply amazing. Inspite of being a small retro bike it has its own distinguished looks which I mostly like in this bike. Moreover Read More 60