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  • a
    Arden Jun 06, 2019 for Brixton BX 150
    Old school charm

    The main thing that drew me to the Brixton BX 150 was it looks. I have always been a fan of the classic motorcycles and have been wanting to own one for a while now. I am not a hardcore biker and hence the BX 150 was a great choice. The build quality of the bike is good and nothing Read More 14

  • A
    Andrew Mei 20, 2019 for Brixton BX 150
    Unique looking retro bike

    Are you in search for a retro looking bike that reminds you of the bikes that 70s or 80s heroes used to ride? Well I would suggest you to go for Brixton bx 150. This bike is simply amazing. Inspite of being a small retro bike it has its own distinguished looks which I mostly like in this bike. Moreover Read More 36

  • N
    Nero Mei 01, 2019 for Brixton BX 150
    Retro looking unique bike

    I loved the retro look of this bike. If you are fond of those bikes of 70s or 80s you will get a feel of those once you get to see this bike. Somehow I love that kind of bike and always dreamt of having one. But the bike is not exactly those small sized retro bikes that you are Read More 122