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Treeletrik Motorcycles Malaysia

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Check out the 2021 Treeletrik price list in the Malaysia. As of 3 December 2021, Treeletrik motorcycle prices start at RM 7,850 for the most inexpensive model T-70 and goes up to RM 15,300 for the most expensive motorcycle model Treeletrik T-90.

Treeletrik Scooter Malaysia Price List 2021

Treeletrik scooter prices start at RM 7,850 for the most inexpensive model T-70 and goes up to RM 15,300 for the most expensive scooter model T-90.There are 2 Treeletrik scooters available in Malaysia, check out all scooter models December 2021 price below.

Treeletrik Scooter Models Price
Treeletrik T-70 RM 4,500 - RM 5,600
Treeletrik T-90 RM 8,800 - RM 9,900
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2 Treeletrik Motorcycles Malaysia

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Treeletrik Motorcycles User Reviews

  • A
    Anthony Nov 13, 2021 for Treeletrik T-90

    I have been using the Treeletrik T-90 for two years, and I have to say that this scooter offers great practicality, energy efficiency, and economy. The scooter runs on electrical charge, and one can simply plug it in the home socket, and the ride will be fully charged in a matter of hours. Treeletrik T-90 is equipped with an 84-volt Read More 7

  • A
    Angelo Nov 13, 2021 for Treeletrik T-70

    When it comes to electric scooters, Treeletrik T-70 is by far one of the best options one could opt for. I have owned this ride for a couple of months now, and it has never given me any chance to complain. The high-speed scooter takes only two hours to charge, and once charged, the belt drive type engine can seamlessly Read More 14

  • K
    Khairul Oct 05, 2021 for Treeletrik T-90

    Practical, economical, energy efficient, contributes to the green cause; the Treeletrik T90 has everything going for it. This is a maxi-scooter that runs completely on electric charge. Just plug it into your home socket and the two-wheeler is charged in a matter of hours. The 84-volt lead-acid battery sends power to the 5kW brushless motor. There’s absolutely no noise when Read More 12

  • I
    Imen Oct 05, 2021 for Treeletrik T-70

    I was fed up with the rising fuel prices. The monthly fuel budget was increasing and the ole in my pocket was getting bigger. I saw one of my office colleagues use the Treeletrik T70. I took a test ride, read extensively about the vehicle and decided to buy it. Now there are no refilling worries. I can charge the Read More 23

  • N
    Nazmi Jun 18, 2021 for Treeletrik T-90

    If you have seen the Treeletrik T 90, you already know how sporty and sleek its design is. I bought the bike a couple of weeks back just because of its alluring looks but was quickly surprised by its amazing performance. The electric scooter is a very reliable form of transportation but is strictly made for cruising within city limits. Read More 51

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