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Check out the 2021 GPX price list in the Malaysia. As of 20 April 2021, GPX motorcycle prices start at RM 9,800 for the most inexpensive model Demon 150GR and goes up to RM 9,800 for the most expensive motorcycle model GPX Demon 150GR.

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GPX Demon 150GR RM 9,800
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User Reviews of GPX Motorcycles

  • B
    Benjamin Apr 19, 2021 for GPX Demon GR200R

    With prices yet to be announced, GPX Demon is launching their new sports bike in Malaysia, the GR200R in May 2021. Ever since I saw the bike, I decided to wait for it because it is the epitome of a sports bike and the design is something that will surely turn some heads on the streets. The bike will be Read More 2

  • A
    AKMAL Apr 10, 2021 for GPX Demon 150GN

    It strongly resembles the Kawasaki Z900 and it was a major factor in me buying this bike. It does not lack in any handling or gripping. It easily beats most of the bikes in its class in terms of acceleration. However the lack of seat space is a slight issue if you are big in size. Some people complain that Read More 3

  • A
    Awang Apr 10, 2021 for GPX Demon 150GR

    Many of the people were telling me to not go for the GPX Demon claiming the instability of the bike. I then took the test drive of both the Demon 150GR and 150GN and did not find any issue, later finalising the Demon 150GR. A mini bike looking like a Ducati Panigale, is not something you see every day. The Read More 11

  • Y
    Yaqeen Dis 24, 2020 for GPX Demon 150GR

    A relatively affordable spinoff of the Ducati Panigale, the GPX Demon 150GR has been in my wishlist for quite some time. One of the primary reasons I decided to go for this bike is that its looks are top-notch and beyond comparing what you can see for a motorcycle in the suggested segment. Further, the ride and handling of this Read More 115

  • A
    Anthony Dis 01, 2020 for GPX Demon 150GN

    I never liked the bikes with bulky chassis that would be so hard to handle. Yes, I though wanted to have a killer bike whose function would be at par with the sports bike but not in appearance. I have tried a lot and searched so many models from different brands when I found this demon model from GPX the Read More 51

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