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User Reviews of GPX Motorcycles

  • Y
    Yaqeen Dis 24, 2020 for GPX Demon 150GR

    A relatively affordable spinoff of the Ducati Panigale, the GPX Demon 150GR has been in my wishlist for quite some time. One of the primary reasons I decided to go for this bike is that its looks are top-notch and beyond comparing what you can see for a motorcycle in the suggested segment. Further, the ride and handling of this Read More 34

  • A
    Anthony Dis 01, 2020 for GPX Demon 150GN

    I never liked the bikes with bulky chassis that would be so hard to handle. Yes, I though wanted to have a killer bike whose function would be at par with the sports bike but not in appearance. I have tried a lot and searched so many models from different brands when I found this demon model from GPX the Read More 26

  • y
    Yiizzan Nov 13, 2020 for GPX Demon 150GR

    The GPX Demon 150GR is an excellent entry-level bike that is designed in the likes of Ducati Panigale. The bike has a premium feel along with a really sporty and chiselled design. The bike is an excellent package for daily commute purposes and is really fun to ride with a zesty single-cylinder 149 cc engine along with a six-speed gearbox Read More 84

  • A
    Andrei Okt 16, 2020 for GPX Demon 150GR

    I’m a proud owner of one of the latest models of the GPX Demon 150GR. I use the bike for the daily commute and actually find it to be a very reliable option for the same. The best part about this bike is its appealing look that certainly matches the title of ‘Demon’. I feel that this bike is one Read More 117

  • T
    Taseen Sep 01, 2020 for GPX Demon 150GR

    Always had a thing for sports bikes. However, generally, it was either their pricing or the styling that made it turndown for me. To my surprise, I came across the GPX Demon 150GR while I was on a highway ride with my friends and its iconic styling is what made me its fan at that instant moment. The next thing Read More 159