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  • k
    Kuang Jun 13, 2019 for GPX Gentleman 200
    Discovered the model which appear great.

    If you have a retro like choice for your riding experience then I’m sure you will also feel like buying this bike. I have been fascinated about such bikes as I have my own garage near my place. The GPX Demon legend gentleman model has 197 cc engine to perform well on the rough roads. It is both electric and Read More 4

  • R
    Rion Jun 13, 2019 for GPX Demon 150GR
    Excellent featured bike in sports model

    My passion for sports style bikes is like crazy. Most stylish model I found was only GPX Demon GR. I was so amazed while riding it for first time. It was like my dream coming true. I cannot state my feelings in words. The performance of this bike is incomparable. The high wheels give it amazing transitional look. The height Read More 3

  • N
    Nabil Jun 06, 2019 for GPX Demon 150GR
    My favourite mini bike

    The little GPX Demon 150 GR is a little wonder of a bike. It looks great, like a mini Ducati which is one of my favourite things about it. The size is also perfect for riding around in the city. Coming to the engine, it is not the smoothest around but gets the job done and is definitely not as Read More 5

  • a
    Azman Mei 20, 2019 for GPX Demon 150GR
    My new sporty bike

    I loved this sporty bike and loved it as it is well equipped with so many features. Just the kind as I was looking for. Well I am a bike lover and I can’t think of spending a single day without it. So the time my previous bike started showing result of malfunctioning I decided, it’s high time I should Read More 39

  • R
    Ronnie Ibrahim Mei 17, 2019 for GPX Gentleman 200
    My bike

    Its nice to ride this motorbike because look versatile from classic bike they upgrading to modern classic bike Read More 73