A commendable step towards carbon neutrality by Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation

A commendable step towards carbon neutrality by Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation

KUALA LUMPUR: The Commercial Japa Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJPT) was established in April 2021. It consists of four major players in the automobile industry, namely Isuzu Motors Limited, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd., and Hino Motors Ltd. Its sole purpose is the implementation and popularization of CASE technologies which will in turn solve transportation challenges and help achieve a Carbon-Neutral society.

Now, all the CJPT players along with Toyota Motor Thailand Co, Ltd are to hold a test drive event wherein several commercial vehicles will be introduced to put in use by government officials, partner corporations, media, and fleet companies.

CJPT test drive event details

Major models to be exhibited at the CJPTC test drive event include -

  • Toyota Sora
  • Hino FCEV Heavy Duty Truck
  • Isuzu & Toyota FCEV Light Duty Truck
  • Toyota Granace FCEV
  • Toyota Hilux Revo BEV Concept
  • Suzuki Energy Small Van
  • Toyota e-Palette
  • Daihatsu Hijet Small Van
  • Toyota LPG-HEV Taxi Concept
  • Yamaha H2 ROV (Buggy)

CJPT President Hiroki Nakajima said, "With appreciation to the society, we would like to contribute to improving the quality of life of people in Asia with various low-fuel consumption and high-efficiency vehicles, including small (Kei) ICE vans, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Battery Electric Vehicles, and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles. We would like to hear the sincere opinions of the stakeholders through experiencing each product, and consider the appropriate way to climb the mountain of tackling carbon neutrality together."

CJPT test drive event models

It was only last year in December that CJPT collaborated with Charoen Pokphand Group (CP) to expand its reach in the Asian region in areas such as mobility solutions, energy supply, and data solutions.

In its efforts to achieve carbon neutrality goals in Thailand, CJPT has organized this test drive event to expand activities with more partners. However, the powertrain used in the vehicle will vary as per the energy situation and customer usage in the region. The powertrain options consist of - Hybrid Electric vehicles, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, and Battery Electric Vehicles.

CJPT test drive event in Thailand

Following Thailand, CJPT plans to quickly move its carbon neutrality to other Asian regions by collaborating with like-minded stakeholders.

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