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GWM Haval H6 Hybrid scores 5-star safety rating
GWM Haval H6 Hybrid scores 5-star safety rating KUALA LUMPUR: Seems like the Chinese are not as far behind in building safe cars as one might think. GMW,... Jul 06, 2022 Purva Jain

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Here are the top 5 SUVs to consider right now
Here are the top 5 SUVs to consider right now We share our thoughts on what we think to be the five best SUVs on sale right now. When any... Jun 29, 2022 Daniel Fernandez

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Is the Mercedes-Benz S580e the best luxury car on sale right now?
Is the Mercedes-Benz S580e the best luxury car on sale right now? Mercedes-Benz S580e gets a weekend with us.  The latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a mild hybrid power plant has arrived in... Jun 20, 2022 Daniel Fernandez

User Reviews of Cars

  • M
    Mikail Jul 01, 2022 for Nissan Navara

    Pickup trucks have become a style statement these days. These vehicles are SUV-type and doubles up as a good carrier. The Nissan Navara looks pretty much as a pickup truck should be. It looks strong and masculine. The build quality is good. It’s also the most affordable vehicle in its category. The ride comfort is decent and the twin-cab cabin Read More

  • h
    Hakim Jul 01, 2022 for Nissan X-Trail

    The Nissan X-Trail has the looks of a full sized SUV, though it’s actually in the mid-class range. The car’s looks are of course very imposing. It follows a fluent design scheme but doesn’t sacrifice on the ruggedness. Driving the X-Trail is easy. The engine is powerful in its range and revs quickly. There’s ample space in the car to Read More

  • S
    Sajjad Jul 01, 2022 for Nissan Almera

    These days, sedans come in various classes. The compact sedan segment has become really popular. But if you want something more from an entry-level sedan, then go for the Nissan Almera. Five passengers can comfortably travel in the Almera. You don’t need to cringe to adjust your feet. The boot size is huge and you can fit in a number Read More

  • r
    Richerd Jul 01, 2022 for Nissan Leaf

    The Nissan Leaf is a 100% electric car. That’s why it’s more expensive than any other car. But it’s a one-time cost. Maintenance cost is almost zero. You don’t have to spend on fuel and depreciation is also low with only a few moving parts. With an electric motor, power delivery is instant and accurate. This is a fully noiseless Read More

  • F
    Fauzul Jul 01, 2022 for Nissan NV200

    The Nissan NV200 is the best commercial van to own. I use two of these vans for my home-moving business. If you want a cargo carrier then there’s no better vehicle than the NV200. The 2.0-liter engine is greatly powerful and can haul huge volumes of cargo. Handling the van is easy. The sliding doors make it easy for cargo Read More