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Check out the 2023 Lexus cars price list in the Malaysia. As of 3 October 2023, Lexus sells 9 cars in Malaysia. These include 3 SUV, 1 MPV, 2 Sedan, 1 Crossover, 1 Coupe. The UX is the lowest priced Lexus model at RM 250,688 and the highest priced model is the LC Convertible at RM 1.48 Million. Let Zigwheels help you contact your nearest Lexus dealer. Our database consist of over 9 authorized Lexus car dealers across 7 cities in Malaysia. Select a Lexus car to know the latest promo in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and User reviews.

Lexus Malaysia Price List 2023

Lexus Models Price List
Lexus ES RM 320,888 - 371,888
Lexus LX RM 1.23 - 1.28 Million
Lexus RX RM 468,888
Lexus LS RM 1.19 - 1.47 Million
Lexus UX RM 250,688 - 290,688
Lexus LC RM 1.38 Million
Lexus LC Convertible RM 1.48 Million
Lexus NX RM 375,888 - 415,888
Lexus LM RM 1.21 Million

Lexus Malaysia Line-up

Lexus SUV Lexus LX, RX, NX
Lexus MPV Lexus LM
Lexus Sedan Lexus ES, LS
Lexus Crossover Lexus UX
Lexus Coupe Lexus LC
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9 Lexus Cars Malaysia

  • Lexus ES
    Lexus ES
    RM 320,888 - 371,888 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Lexus ES Price VIEW OCTOBER OFFERS 3 Variants
  • Lexus LX
    Lexus LX
    RM 1.23 - 1.28 Million OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Lexus LX Price VIEW OCTOBER OFFERS 2 Variants
  • Lexus RX
    Lexus RX
    RM 468,888 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Lexus RX Price VIEW OCTOBER OFFERS 1 Variant
  • Lexus LS
    Lexus LS
    RM 1.19 - 1.47 Million OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Lexus LS Price VIEW OCTOBER OFFERS 2 Variants
  • Lexus UX
    Lexus UX
    RM 250,688 - 290,688 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Lexus UX Price VIEW OCTOBER OFFERS 2 Variants
  • Lexus LC
    Lexus LC
    RM 1.38 Million OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Lexus LC Price VIEW OCTOBER OFFERS 1 Variant
  • Lexus LC Convertible
    Lexus LC Convertible
    RM 1.48 Million OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    LC Convertible Price VIEW OCTOBER OFFERS 1 Variant
  • Lexus NX
    Lexus NX
    RM 375,888 - 415,888 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Lexus NX Price VIEW OCTOBER OFFERS 2 Variants
  • Lexus LM
    Lexus LM
    RM 1.21 Million OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Lexus LM Price VIEW OCTOBER OFFERS 1 Variant
  • About Lexus Malaysia

    Redefining luxury ever since 1989, Lexus has been more of a brand to provide satisfaction to its customers ever since its starting ground. The brand had been a part of the Toyota Motors under its Chairman, Eiji Toyoda who has been a strong contender for the automotive scene in 1983. Eiji put a challenge to give life to the world’s best car. 

    It was due to his proposal of building the world’s best car that led his team members at Toyota to build a secret project by the name “Project F1 (Flagship One)”. The end results were one of the finest products to be seen, the project was then unveiled in the 1989 North American International Auto Show in Detroit USA. 

    It was in 1989 when the Project F1 was branded as the Lexus LS 400. The car was an instant shot to fame and gave way to become one of the leading contenders in the luxury segment at the global vehicle platform. It was at this phase when the Japanese-American car maker was introduced as Toyota Motor’s sister-company, Lexus.

    Owning to their production around the needs of the customers, Lexus made its grand debut and reached almost every corner of the globe in a span of 20 years. At the time of its arrival in Malaysia, Mutiara Damansara has been its official distributor around the country. It is one of the most welcoming showrooms, offering a pleasant buying experience to the customers.

    Lexus sells around 7 cars in Malaysia. These include 3 Crossover, 2 Sedan, 1 Coupe, and 1 SUV. It sells Lexus RX, LX RM, NX RM, LC, LS, and finally the Lexus ES.  

    As of 2019, Lexus recently announced that it set a new record for global sales with a total of 765,330 units sold from January to December 2019. This is a 10-percent increase as compared to global sales in 2018.

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  • Key Highlights of Lexus Malaysia

    Popular Models Lexus ES, Lexus LX, Lexus RX, Lexus LS, Lexus UX
    Expensive Model LC Convertible
    Affordable Model Lexus UX
    Body Type SUV, MPV, Sedan, Crossover, Coupe
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Dealerships 9
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    • Affordable medium-sized luxury sedan

      I was pretty impressed with this Lexus model when I got to know about its lowest starting price. I was happy at the fact this is one such posh-looking edition from this premium brand that I can actually afford. Moreover, this medium-sized sedan exudes a luxurious feel and is high in the comfort factor. The interior part has been intricately

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      Izuan May 17, 2023 for Lexus ES
    • Great off-road chops

      Lexus LX raises the bar of luxury SUVs by blending the refinement of the Lexus brand with the rugged capabilities of the Toyota Land Cruiser. It is one of the best choices for car enthusiasts looking for sophistication and adventure in one package. The cabin is very luxurious and well-insulated. Whether conquering sandy dunes or navigating rocky trails, it remains

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      Raahim Jul 31, 2023 for Lexus LX
    • An efficient and luxurious car

      Lexus is known for manufacturing cars with top-notch technology and safety features, and RX is one of its finest examples. From advanced driver-assistance systems to adaptive cruise control, the advanced safety features keep me well-protected on every journey. The fit and finish of the car is very appealing. The cabin has been crafted with high-quality materials that create an inviting

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      Firash Jul 31, 2023 for Lexus RX
    • Stunning interior, refined powertrain

      I had a very bad experience with the Mercedes and BMW cars. Because of this, I lost my faith in high-performance cars. I believe most of the top-notch cars are just selling because of their flashy reputation, but the Lexus LS proved me wrong. It has everything that I could expect in a luxury vehicle. The soft leather seats and

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      Ruce Jul 25, 2023 for Lexus LS (2012-2017)
    • dmirable fashionable looking SUV that offers a fantabulous interior

      When I first saw the car I could not stop admiring how much effort has been given to the SUV to look its best and feel likewise. The recent version of this hybrid model has come across a few tweaks. The acceleration of the vehicle is indeed poky. Couples to that this has been credited with remarkable fuel economy ratings.

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      Hariz May 17, 2023 for Lexus UX
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  • Lexus Cars Malaysia FAQs

    What is the Price list of Lexus cars in Malaysia?

    Lexus cars in Malaysia comes with price list of RM 250,688 to RM 1.48 Million.

    Which is the Cheapest car from Lexus in the Malaysia?

    The cheapest Lexus car is Lexus UX starting from RM 250,688 for base variant.

    Which is the newest Lexus Car?

    The newest car offered from Lexus in the Malaysia is the all new Lexus RX 2023.

    What are the SUV cars offered by Lexus?

    Lexus offers 3 SUV models in the Malaysia namely: Lexus NX, Lexus RX and Lexus LX.

    How many Lexus Dealers in Malaysia?

    There are 9 authorised Lexus car dealers across 7 cities in the Malaysia.