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  • 289 Views Jul 12, 2018

    Kia Motors hasn’t had it easy. Living under the shadows of Hyundai which itself is renowned for making small as well as large cars with lots of features packed in and a reasonable...

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  • 216 Views Jul 10, 2018

    The luxury midsize SUV segment has grown by leaps and bounds in this decade. The BMW X3 has been in the market for some time now while Mercedes has launched their fighter only rece...

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  • 296 Views Jul 10, 2018

    The Honda City has been one of the most successful brand names sold by the manufacturer across the globe. Each generation of the car has had something specific to offer to the audi...

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  • 235 Views Jul 06, 2018

    The innominate question has risen again. Should one buy the Mini Cooper 3 door or the 5 door? Come on. Buy any Mini and you’re guaranteed a lifetime of smiles every time you step o...

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  • 453 Views Jul 02, 2018

    The cars we are talking about today aren’t necessarily “mini” anymore. These have grown over the years. Customers who find the base Mini Cooper attractive but slightly less on the...

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