5 Features Proton X90 gets over the Toyota Innova Zenix

5 Features Proton X90 gets over the Toyota Innova Zenix

The ever-expanding three-row SUV market in Malaysia has recently seen the introduction of two prominent players - the Proton X90 and the Toyota Innova Zenix. As the demand for stylish and practical family vehicles surges, these two models step into the arena with SUV-style bodies and spacious interiors capable of accommodating 6 to 8 passengers.

Proton X90

Both the Proton X90 and the Toyota Innova Zenix offer their take on this segment, but each brings distinct features to the table. The Innova Zenix provides seating options for six or seven passengers, with the former featuring captain chairs in the middle row. In comparison, the X90 offers configurations for seven or eight occupants, with the seven-seater variant equipped with middle captain chairs in the second row, available exclusively in the top-spec trims of both vehicles.

Toyota Innova Zenix

The Proton X90 marks the company’s foray into the New Energy Vehicle (NEV) domain, incorporating a mild-hybrid setup. Toyota's Innova Zenix, on the other hand, embraces a new era with its hybrid system and a modern FWD Toyota New Global Architecture. The Innova Zenix is available in two variants - 2.0 V and 2.0 HEV hybrid - while the X90 boasts four trim levels: Standard, Executive, Premium, and Flagship. The price ranges are as follows:

Toyota Innova Zenix

  • 2.0 V petrol: RM 165,000
  • 2.0 HEV hybrid: RM 202,000

Proton X90

  • Standard: RM 123,800
  • Executive: RM 130,800
  • Premium: RM 144,800
  • Flagship: RM 152,800

The Innova Zenix provides two engine options - a 2.0-litre pure internal combustion engine and a 2.0-litre hybrid. In contrast, the X90 is powered by a single 1.5-litre TGDI mild hybrid system. While the X90 boasts higher output figures, the Toyota SUV stands out with its hybrid setup, allowing for a pure electric driving mode. As the battle between these contenders unfolds, let's delve into the specific features that set the Proton X90 apart from the Toyota Innova Zenix.

19-Inch alloy wheels

Both variants of the all-new Toyota Innova Zenix feature 18-inch alloy wheels as the standard package for the SUV. On the other hand, the new Proton X90 comes in 4 variants and the two higher-spec variants, Premium and Flagship get 19-inch alloy wheels as standard while the two other variants, Executive and the base-spec Standard get 18-inch alloys as standard. The 19-inch alloys on the two higher-spec variants give options to customers who are looking for a more bold and commanding appearance for their new Proton X90. 

19-Inch alloy wheels

Auto-leveling headlamps with follow-me-home feature

Another standout feature that the new Proton X90 gets over the new Toyota Innova Zenix is its auto-levelling headlamps along with the “Follow Me Home” feature. While both the cars get LED headlamps and LED DRLs with auto high beam, both variants of the Toyota Innova Zenix only get manual levelling headlamps while all variants of the Proton car except the base-spec Standard variant get both auto headlamps as well as the Follow Me Home feature. 

Auto-leveling headlamps

Powered and ventilated front seats with Nappa leather and lumbar support

Coming to the interiors, the all-new Proton X90 also takes the edge over the new Toyota Innova Zenix in terms of its seats. To begin with, first, let us discuss the seating arrangement and seat features of the Innova Zenix. The SUV comes with Black Leather seats as standard for both variants along with an 8-way power driver’s seat and manually adjustable passenger seat. The Proton X90, however, offers a range of options depending on the variant you choose. All four variants get a 6-way power-adjustable driver’s seat with 2-way lumbar support on the Premium and Flagship variants. Along with that, both seats in the front row are ventilated in all variants except the entry-level Standard variant. Ventilated seats are not available on the Innova Zenix. 

ventilated front seats

For the passenger seat, the Premium and Flagship variants get 4-way power-adjustable features along with a special “Boss switch” on the top-spec Flagship variant. Captain seats for the second row are available on the Innova Zenix as well as the X90 Flagship variant. For seat material, the X90 offers multiple options based on the variant, with the base variant coming with fabric seats, followed by the Executive variant that gets Leatherette seats while the Premium and Flagship variants get Nappa Leather seats as standard. 

Ambient lighting 

Another noteworthy feature that the Innova Zenix misses out on is ambient lighting inside the car. The all-new Proton X90 offers the ambient lighting feature on its two higher-spec variants which are the Premium and Flagship variants. 

Ambient lighting 

Automatic parking assist

Both the Innova Zenix and the Proton X90 come with a full suite of advanced safety features including 6 SRS airbags standard on all variants of both SUVs. For parking as well, both cars get parking sensors. The Innova Zenix however only gets two parking sensors each on the front and rear sides of both its variants. The Proton X90 offers 4 parking sensors at the rear end on all variants with 4 parking sensors at the front of the two higher-spec variants and 2 at the front for the Standard and Executive variants. However, the Proton X90 takes the edge with its automatic parking assist feature missing on the new Toyota Innova Zenix. 

Automatic parking assist


In the fierce showdown between the Proton X90 and the Toyota Innova Zenix, both contenders bring their unique strengths to the forefront. The Proton X90 capitalizes on its dynamic features and a host of modern technologies. On the other hand, the Toyota Innova Zenix strikes back with its hybrid powertrain and electric driving mode. As these two vehicles vie for supremacy in the Malaysian SUV market, buyers are presented with a range of options tailored to their preferences and needs.

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