Perodua Cars Price 2022 Malaysia

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Check out the 2022 Perodua cars price list in the Malaysia. As of 26 November 2022, Perodua sells 6 cars in Malaysia. These include 2 Hatchback, 2 SUV, 1 MPV, 1 Sedan. The Axia is the lowest priced Perodua model at RM 24,090 and the highest priced model is the Aruz at RM 77,900 . Let Zigwheels help you contact your nearest Perodua dealer. Our database consist of over 226 authorized Perodua car dealers across 105 cities in Malaysia. Select a Perodua car to know the latest promo in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and User reviews.

Perodua Malaysia Price List 2022

Perodua Models Price List
Perodua Axia RM 24,090 - 43,190
Perodua Myvi RM 46,500 - 59,900
Perodua Aruz RM 72,900 - 77,900
Perodua Ativa RM 62,500 - 73,400
Perodua Alza RM 62,500 - 75,500
Perodua Bezza RM 34,580 - 49,980
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6 Perodua Cars Price 2022 Malaysia

  • Perodua Axia
    Perodua Axia
    RM 24,090 - 43,190 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Axia Price VIEW NOVEMBER OFFERS 6 Variants
  • Perodua Myvi
    Perodua Myvi
    RM 46,500 - 59,900 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Myvi Price VIEW NOVEMBER OFFERS 5 Variants
  • Perodua Aruz
    Perodua Aruz
    RM 72,900 - 77,900 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Aruz Price VIEW NOVEMBER OFFERS 2 Variants
  • Perodua Ativa
    Perodua Ativa
    RM 62,500 - 73,400 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Ativa Price VIEW NOVEMBER OFFERS 6 Variants
  • Perodua Alza
    Perodua Alza
    RM 62,500 - 75,500 Kuala Lumpur
    Alza Price VIEW NOVEMBER OFFERS 3 Variants
  • Perodua Bezza
    Perodua Bezza
    RM 34,580 - 49,980 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Bezza Price VIEW NOVEMBER OFFERS 4 Variants
  • About Perodua Malaysia

    Perodua is Malaysia’s largest automotive brand, which offers products geared towards the ultimate convenience. The company has 225 authorized dealers in the country across ten cities.

    Perodua started its journey as the second national car company in 1992 and launched its first car, the Perodua Kancil hatchback, in August 1994. It operates two manufacturing plants in the country, with a combined annual capacity of 350,000 units. 

    The first Perodua plant in Serendah started operations in 1994 and was later complemented by a bigger adjacent factory in 2014 for the production of Perodua Axia. Perodua's models are based on Daihatsu-engineered engines and platforms, and Daihatsu has led its manufacturing operations since 2001. 

    Perodua had previously assembled the first-generation Toyota Avanza at Rawang plant for sale in Malaysia. In 2016, a new engine plant was established to produce engines for the Perodua Bezza and Malaysian-market Toyota Vios.

    Being a market leader since 2006, Perodua currently has 5 models in its lineup, comprising Myvi hatchback, Alza mini MPV, Axia hatchback, Bezza sedan, and Aruz SUV.

    According to last year’s sales numbers revealed by the Malaysian Automotive Association, Perodua continues to hold the first position in the top ten car brands of Malaysia. The growing dominance of the P2 brand can be seen in the form of another annual sales record in 2019. The company sold a total of 240,341 cars, which means a 5.8% jump over the 227,243 units of 2018. With this record, the company’s market share has increased to almost 40%.

    Myvi is the most-demanded Perodua model in the last year. The overwhelming response of buyers made it the best-selling car in the country for eight consecutive years since its launch in 2005. And the popularity of newly debuted Perodua Aruz can be estimated from the fact that it is the 10th most researched keyword on Google Malaysia. The SUV features striking looks, comfortable seven-seating layout, and premium cabin loaded with top-notch amenities.

    The firm also reintroduced the Axia in 2019 with a mild makeover featuring better looks and better equipment than before. And, the revamped Perodua Bezza came in January this year, which features several soft visual alterations, mechanical upgrades, and Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) 2.0. 

    Perodua is also the country’s first and biggest EEV (Energy-Efficient Vehicle) manufacturer, as it has produced and sold more than 650,000 EEVs to date.

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  • Key Highlights of Perodua Malaysia

    Popular Models Axia, Myvi, Aruz, Ativa, Alza
    Expensive Model Aruz
    Affordable Model Axia
    Body Type Hatchback, SUV, MPV, Sedan
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Dealerships 226
    Service Centers 245
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    • 2018 Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour
      2018 Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour
      12 Nov, 2019 .
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      myvi exhaust sound
      06 Jan, 2016 .
    • Myvi 1.3 straight flow
      Myvi 1.3 straight flow
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      The New 2015 Perodua Myvi 1.5 SE Facelift Launched Malaysia Walk Around Interior Exterior
      30 Jul, 2015 .
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      Perodua Axia 1.0G Standard MT 2014 Exterior & Interior Walk Around
      30 Jul, 2015 .
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    • Responsive and Magical Tourer!

      With a whopping 22 km mileage, this car has simply made my life so much easier. I can't thank the manufacturer enough to keep beginners in mind before crafting such an economical, responsive, and easily manageable four-wheeler. This five-door hatchback is magical in touring places. Peace of mind for first-time drivers is an absolute must in this mover. It is

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      Aaron Nov 15, 2022 for Perodua Axia
    • Super Classy Model!

      There are a bunch of reasons why I recommend all newcomers as well as patrons in the field of driving to bag this outstanding model by Perodua. The Myvi is one of the most economic and classy models in Malaysia. It is completely crafted in Malaysia and comes equipped with autonomous driving assistance systems. I don't think I need to

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      Aaron Nov 15, 2022 for Perodua Myvi
    • Attractive and practical

      The Aruz is blessed with a modern design that is far better than most of the other vehicles in its segment. The cabin has a very pleasant vibe to it and is very practical in every way. The first two rows are comfortable for an average adult, however, the same cannot be said about the third row as only children

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      Barzin Sep 28, 2022 for Perodua Aruz
    • Great Riding Experience

      Fairly priced and a very decent creation. I already had very strict budgeting for my car and this car is the best fit for it. The overall length and width of the car are pretty much big and I love how driver-friendly orientation is laid within the vehicle. It has a very pampering interior that lets me calm down and

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      Manuel Nov 16, 2022 for Perodua Ativa
    • Holistic Development!

      By far I call Perodua Alza my best investment in years! This is a purchase for the long run. I have been riding this mover for the past four months and honestly, it has shown me its holistic potential. Apart from its exemplary performance, it has brought out the real spirit of fair driving and safe driving. The engine is

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      Marcus Nov 15, 2022 for Perodua Alza
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  • Perodua Cars Price 2022 Malaysia FAQs

    What is the Price list of Perodua cars in Malaysia?

    Perodua cars in Malaysia comes with price list of RM 24,090 to RM 77,900 .

    Which is the Cheapest car from Perodua in the Malaysia?

    The cheapest Perodua car is Perodua Axia starting from RM 24,090 for base variant.

    Which is the newest Perodua Car?

    The newest car offered from Perodua in the Malaysia is the all new Perodua Alza 2022 and Perodua Myvi 2022.

    What are the SUV cars offered by Perodua?

    Perodua offers 2 SUV models in the Malaysia namely: Perodua Ativa and Perodua Aruz.

    How many Perodua Dealers in Malaysia?

    There are 226 authorised Perodua car dealers across 105 cities in the Malaysia.

    What Perodua Cars are 7 seaters?

    Perodua offers 2 7 seaters in Malaysia namely: Alza and Aruz.