Can the Myvi continue its hot selling streak?

Can the Myvi continue its hot selling streak?

When it comes to styling and design with this revised Myvi, practicality is everything. The gentle curves are now cleaner with a shapelier headlamp treatment that is swept back into the front wings. It is a minor revised styling effort that is very practical for a compact hatchback.

Perodua Myvi Test Drive details

The Myvi has always offered strong value for money, good space, a fantastic reliability record and a decent equipment count. Now here is a revised Perodua Myvi with even more to offer.

Myvi New Features

Perodua Myvi Test Drive - features

This latest Myvi was unveiled in November 2021 in five variants with selling prices ranging from RM45,700k to RM58,800k. This facelift Myvi arrives with the Perodua Smart Drive Assist (PSDA) system.

Perodua Myvi safety

The PSDA system includes the Advance Safety Assist version 3.0, adaptive cruise control (ACC), Lane Keep Assist (LKS), Blind Spot Monitoring System (BSM) and the Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) (Available in all variants except the lower 1.3L G variant)

Perodua Myvi Test Drive: Engine

Which means except for one of the Myvi G variants, all other variants now have Autonomous Level 2 technology. The New Myvi variants include the 1.5 litre AV (Advance Variant), 1.5 litre H variant, a 1.5 litre X variant, a1.3 litre G and 1.3L G Basic.

Also, the previous Perodua Myvi used a standard automatic gearbox however with this 2021 model Perodua Myvi you get a dual mode CVT ‘gearbox’ which provides better ratios for better fuel economy.

Myvi Driving Experience

Perodua Myvi Test Drive: Specs

With the tried and tested 1.5-liter engine still in use, this compact runabout is no slouch as it develops 102bhp and a maximum torque output of 137Nm at 4,200rpm. It allows the driver of this Myvi to reach 180km/h where speed limits have been abolished and leans towards being very comfortable on the open highway as well in heavy city traffic.

Perodua Myvi features

It soaks up speed humps and uneven city tarmac with aplomb, helped by the relatively generous suspension travel and the 15-inch tyres. This is a good handling compact car with power-assisted steering providing reassurance at speed and a light touch in tight small town streets.

Perodua Myvi REAR


The Myvi driving position provides good adjustment in its driving position and even taller individuals will be able to get comfortable behind the wheel. The available safety features before this model was already impressive, now with the added new features, you will be warned of near-miss speeding motorcyclists and when you start getting bored on the highway and start moving out of your lane, yes, ‘Blind Spot Monitoring’ is welcomed together with ‘Lane Keep Assist’. These are features you will find in a car costing at least RM40,000 more.

Myvi Summary

Perodua Myvi 1.5 AV

This revised Myvi will continue to offer strong value for money, good space, a fantastic reliability record, high levels of safety equipment and a decent equipment count. It is a vehicle that is well built, well equipped and well priced and will appeal to those who value reliability and space over marketing gimmickry.

Perodua Myvi 1.5 AV Specifications

Perodua Myvi 1.5 AV Specifications

Engine Dual VVT-i Inline 4
Capacity 1496cc
Gearbox Dual-Mode CVT
Max power

102hp @ 6,000rpm

Max torque 137Nm @ 4,200Nm
Price  RM58,800.00


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