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May 30, 2024 - Currently, 0 Used Ford cars for sale in Malaysia online

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  • A truck-based SUV

    The Ford Everest is an exceptional midsize SUV that has impressed me with its engine performance and riding comfort. I have owned various SUVs over the years but the Everest puts them to shame with its durability, reliability, and rugged nature. It surpasses the comfort offered by some of the most expensive cars I have owned from the leading brands.

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    Junada Mar 01, 2024 for Ford Everest
  • Off-road ready Ford Ranger Raptor

    If you enjoy exploring tough terrains like deserts, forests, mountains, and rural areas with boulders and rocks, the Ford Ranger Raptor can be an excellent choice. It has outstanding off-road capabilities, including sophisticated suspension systems, long-lasting skid plates, and specialized off-road tyres. The engine provides all of the off-road performance you possibly want and need. Its long-travel suspension makes it

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    Yaqeen Mar 01, 2024 for Ford Ranger Raptor
  • A high-performance pick-up truck

    The Ford Ranger is a powerful and aggressively styled pickup truck that will cater to your active lifestyle without making a hole in your pocket. It is a versatile and capable pick-up truck that can be used for transversing diverse terrains, towing, and hauling. When towing, the power delivery of this pickup truck remains consistent and smooth. It offers an

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    Zuljalal Mar 01, 2024 for Ford Ranger
  • Smooth handling, well-thought-out interior

    I've always been passionate about off-road adventures, so the Ford Everest's rugged yet stylish design drew me in. At first appearance, it appeared to be the Ranger ute's extension, but as I researched its capabilities, it became evident why it leads the seven-seat off-roader segment. Built to handle the most difficult off-road terrains, the Everest has an astonishing assortment of

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    Raahim Feb 28, 2024 for Ford Everest
  • Exceptional off-road prowess

    Being an adventure enthusiast I have driven various vehicles that claim to be true off-roaders but after driving the Ford Ranger Raptor I can’t stop singing praises of it. It has sturdy suspension, all-terrain tires, and excellent ground clearance giving it an intimidating presence on the road. Whatever the terrain or the trail the Range Raptor demands respect. The hill

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    Putera Feb 28, 2024 for Ford Ranger Raptor
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