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Toyota Avanza vs Toyota Sienta Comparison

Overview Toyota Avanza Toyota Sienta
Off Road Price*
(Kuala Lumpur)
RM 80,888 RM 101,900
User Rating
Available Color(s)
Avanza Colors
Sienta Colors
Fuel Type
All Petrol Cars
All Petrol Cars
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All MPV Cars
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User Review Comparison

Toyota Avanza
  • J
    Johan Dis 23, 2019 for Toyota Avanza

    I am really happy that finally I bought Toyota Avanza. This mini MPV looks way stunning in its face lifted version. Like this car has gone through certain notable alterations Read More

  • A
    Alan Okt 03, 2019 for Toyota Avanza

    The Avanza was already a popular choice in the MPV segment and the new one makes an amazing product even better! My kids love the roof-mounted screen, it keeps them Read More

  • i
    Isfahann Ogo 29, 2019 for Toyota Avanza

    I was never really a fan of MPVs. Their long boring design was something that never appealed to me, I must say that the new Avanza is quite a looker. Read More

  • l
    Luqman Ogo 19, 2019 for Toyota Avanza

    My work often makes me take trips across the city, which called for me to buy a MultiUtility Vehicle. I was very confused till I set my eyes on the Read More

  • S
    Syed Jul 29, 2019 for Toyota Avanza (2015-2018)

    The Toyota Avanza is my favourite vehicle for a reason. In terms of styling, the Avanza does not look very attractive as it has got a basic design on the Read More

Toyota Sienta
  • h
    Hisyam Feb 22, 2019 for Toyota Sienta

    design tak lawa. lampu nampak hodoh. maaf kalau sy comment macam. saya sangat tak minat design body dan lampu. tapi brand toyota sy minat cuma toyota sienta sy tak minat. Read More

  • T
    Trucmuche Ogo 23, 2018 for Toyota Sienta

    When my parents moved in with me, it became a constant tussle to fit my entire family of three children, my wife and parents in a car and go for Read More

  • T
    Trucmuche Ogo 20, 2018 for Toyota Sienta

    I wanted to buy a new car that offers a good amount of space in the cabin and looks modern. After spending hours on the internet watching reviews of many Read More

  • T
    Trucmuche Jul 04, 2018 for Toyota Sienta

    There comes a time in every man’s life, when he has to go beyond thinking for himself and think about his family. When the time came in my life, I Read More

From The Experts

  • Pros
  • Cons
Toyota Avanza

Modern looks

Improved interior

Fuel efficient mill

Toyota Sienta

The roomy interior is a boon for the senior folks

Lot of features

A safe car

Toyota Avanza

No option for a manual drive

Low last row comfort

Sluggish power delivery

Toyota Sienta

Looks are polarising

Hard plastics abound in the cabin

CVT is as whiny as it gets

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