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Modenas CT is available in 1 options in Malaysia - CT 115S.

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Is Malaysia getting a new Modenas motorcycle?
Is Malaysia getting a new Modenas motorcycle? KUALA LUMPUR: As per the rumors going around, we’ll be soon getting a new Modenas motorcycle, the 2022 Dominar D400.... Apr 18, 2022 Purva Jain

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Top 3 motorcycles in Malaysia under RM 15,000
Top 3 motorcycles in Malaysia under RM 15,000 Motorcycles are a big part of our everyday life, and there’s no denying this fact. A mere look outside and... Nov 30, 2018 Purva Jain
Modenas Kriss MR1: Features explained
KUALA LUMPUR: The Bajaj Pulsar nameplate is branded and sold in the Malaysian market under the Modenas Pulsar nameplate. For... Jun 13, 2018 Abhishek Katariya

Modenas Motorcycles User Reviews

  • T
    Trevin Mar 28, 2022 for Modenas Pulsar NS160

    The Modenas Pulsar NS160, derived from the NS200 is a really good street naked bike in the segment. I bought it a few months ago. I have nothing to complain about and so far, the experience has been pretty satisfying and enjoyable. The bike is easy to ride with a great riding posture and smooth handling perfect for urban commute Read More 82

  • E
    Ehtisham Mar 28, 2022 for Modenas GT128

    If it comes to buying the best moped out in the Malaysian market in the entry-level segment, the Modenas GT128 is the best option for you. I have been riding this motorcycle for almost a year and I can agree with the fact that it is one of the most practical, balanced and fun-to-ride motorcycles in the segment. It is Read More 37

  • U
    Uzair Mar 28, 2022 for Modenas Karisma 125S

    I saw quite a few scooters in the entry-level segment before I finally decided to buy the Modenas Karisma 125S. I am a fan of how good this scooter looks. The styling is exquisite with a sporty design, really cool graphics and a very aggressive front profile that gives the scooter a great road presence with a bold stance. You Read More 201

  • T
    Tagako Mar 28, 2022 for Modenas CT 115S

    The Modenas CT115S is a purpose-built scooter that is simply amazing in the entry-level segment. I have been riding the scooter for almost a year and I can say that it is simply a perfect ride for an urban commute. To begin with, the price of the scooter is very affordable and it features a perfect blend of great style, Read More 71