Volvo EM90 rolls off the production line - 5 things you need to know about the Volvo EV MPV

Volvo EM90 rolls off the production line - 5 things you need to know about the Volvo EV MPV

The Volvo EM90 has recently emerged from the production line, capturing the spotlight as it's not merely another addition to Volvo's electric vehicle lineup; it marks Volvo's entry into the electric MPV segment. This vehicle stands as a bold reimagining of what comfort and luxury mean in mobility, setting a new benchmark for the brand.


  • How much driving range does the Volvo EM90 have?

    Up to 738km
  • How much power does it have?

    the EM90 is equipped with a 272 PS and 343Nm rated RWD electric motor and it can complete the 0-100 km/h run in 8.3 seconds. The electric motor paired with a 116 kW battery.
  • Volvo EM90

    The production of the Volvo EM90 began on February 6, symbolizing the start of its mass production. Volvo celebrated this milestone by releasing photos of the EM90 on the assembly line, highlighting the vehicle's role in the brand's move towards comprehensive electrification.

    Produced at Geely's Hangzhou Bay facility in China, the Volvo EM90 is manufactured alongside the Zeekr 009, Zeekr 001, Zeekr 001 FR, Jiyue 01, and Polestar 4.

    Volvo EM90

    Nicknamed the "Scandinavian living room on wheels," this electric gem promises to transform the road trip experiences, daily commutes, and perhaps even the look of driveways for Volvo enthusiasts.

    If you're curious about this vehicle but aren't familiar with the details, here's a quick overview of the Volvo electric MPV.

    Volvo EM90

    1. Home Away From Home

    In November, after a series of tantalizing teasers, Volvo peeled back the curtains to reveal the EM90, embodying Volvo CEO Jim Rowan's vision of making a car more than just a vehicle—it's a mobile haven.

    With its design ethos rooted in maximizing onboard time's value and pleasure, the EM90 challenges the age-old cliché of "there's no place like home" by daring to be a close second.

    In essence, the Volvo EM90 is a luxury variant of the Zeekr 009 MPV, with refinements to both its interior and exterior design. While the Zeekr version offers four-wheel drive with a 400 kW output and starts at 500,000 yuan (RM331k), the EM90 is priced significantly higher, offering a different value proposition to its customers.

    Its electric powertrain consists of a 200-kW motor at the rear, fueled by a 116-kWh battery, delivering a range of 738 km according to the CLTC standard. In China, the EM90 is priced at 818,000 yuan (RM542k).

    Volvo EM90 seats

    2. The Ultimate Comfort Machine

    Volvo's meticulous crafting of the EM90's interior isn't just about luxury; it's about creating a space that adapts to its occupants' needs, whether for work, relaxation, or entertainment.

    The dimensions of the EM90 are 5206/2024/1859 mm, featuring a 3205 mm wheelbase. It can accommodate six passengers in a 2+2+2 seating arrangement.

    Imagine premium lounge seating that wouldn't be out of place in an upscale cinema, complete with massage functions and rear cupholders.

    Volvo EM90 tech

    A fold-out table transforms the space into anything from a business boardroom to a cozy dining spot. And with a massive 15.6″ rear screen that elegantly unfolds at the touch of a button, the EM90 can switch from a mobile office to a movie theater—or even a bedroom—faster than you can say "Scandinavian design."

    3. Smart Storage and Spaciousness

    In creating the EM90, Volvo didn't just aim for luxury; they engineered smart. The minivan boasts ingenious storage solutions that open up a cabin so spacious, you'd be forgiven for thinking you're in a rolling ballroom. The attention to providing ample head and leg room means that every journey is a first-class experience, whether you're navigating the urban jungle or cruising the countryside.

    Volvo EM90

    4. Tech at Your Fingertips

    Front and center in the EM90's minimalist cockpit is an additional 15.6″ infotainment screen, the command center for the vehicle's advanced software and features, including the Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms from Qualcomm. This technology suite transforms the driving experience, offering everything from navigation to entertainment with seamless, intuitive interactions.

    Volvo EM90

    5. Powering Your Journey

    Beneath its stylish exterior, the EM90 is a beast of efficiency and performance. Riding on Geely’s SEA platform—which also underpins notable models like the Polestar 4 and Lotus Eletre—the EM90 is equipped with a 272 PS and 343Nm rated RWD electric motor and it can complete the 0-100 km/h run in 8.3 seconds. The electric motor paired with a 116 kW battery.

    This powertrain promises an impressive CLTC range of up to 738 km, ensuring that your adventures are as extended as they are exhilarating. And with signature Volvo design cues like the Thor Hammer headlights and an illuminated logo, the EM90 stands out for all the right reasons.

    Volvo EM90

    A New Chapter for Volvo

    Less than three months following its grand unveiling, the first EM90 officially made its way off the assembly line, marking Volvo's confident stride into a new market segment. Initially available in China with a starting price of 818,000 yuan ($114,000) and deliveries set to commence in March, the world is eagerly waiting to see where else this Scandinavian sanctuary on wheels will venture.

    Volvo Em90

    Why Malaysia Might Just Fall in Love

    For Malaysians, who love MPVs, the EM90 offers a tantalizing mix of innovation, luxury, and 'green-ness'—a combination that's hard to resist for those interested in EVs.

    As the nation steadily embraces electric vehicles amidst growing environmental awareness and expanding EV infrastructure, the EM90 could very well become the new dream car for discerning Malaysian drivers.

    Volvo Em90

    The Volvo EM90 isn't just a vehicle; it's a lifestyle choice. It represents a future where technology, comfort, and sustainability converge, making every journey an experience to cherish.

    The Volvo EM90's exterior design is a masterful blend of sleek sophistication and futuristic appeal. Its striking silhouette is accentuated by smooth lines that flow seamlessly from the sculpted front to the elegantly tapered rear, embodying a sense of motion even at a standstill.

    Volvo Em90

    The distinctive front grille, coupled with Volvo's signature Thor's Hammer LED headlights, creates a bold, eye-catching facade that commands attention.

    With its harmonious proportions and distinctive design elements, the EM90 stands out not just as a vehicle, but as a piece of modern art on wheels. This captivating design is likely to draw stares from onlookers, not only for its beauty but also for the statement it makes about the future of electric mobility and luxury.

    Volvo Ex90

    Originally, Volvo had planned to debut the EX90 as their premier electric vehicle (EV) release for 2024. However, due to unforeseen delays in its production, this plan has been adjusted. Now, it appears increasingly likely that the EX90 will take place of the EM90 and perhaps make a grand entrance later in the year.

    Volvo EX30 Malaysia

    This adjustment paves the way for the EX30 first , another pivotal addition to Volvo's lineup, to take the lead. The EX30 is poised to be Volvo's most accessible EV yet, targeting both the younger demographic and budget-minded consumers with its affordable pricing and youthful design.

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