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Perodua Alza vs Toyota Sienta Comparison

Overview Perodua Alza Toyota Sienta
Off Road Price*
(Kuala Lumpur)
RM 51,490 RM 101,900
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User Review Comparison

Perodua Alza
  • l
    Luqman Okt 01, 2019 for Perodua Alza

    The Alza is one of the best MPVs around and for good reason. Perodua has found the perfect balance between size, space, comfort and price. Except for maybe the looks, Read More

  • H
    Haziq Ogo 29, 2019 for Perodua Alza

    The Alza is an amazing practical family car. After more than 50,000 km, our Alza is still going strong with no signs of slowing down. The kids love the roof-mounted Read More

  • A
    Afiq Ogo 19, 2019 for Perodua Alza

    When my parents shifted with me last summers I started my hunt for a car which could accommodate all of us together. My search ended when a friend suggested the Read More

  • L
    Lim Jul 29, 2019 for Perodua Alza

    Perodua Alza might not be very popular in terms of style or performance, but the practicality offered by the Alza is way better than any other vehicle in its segment. Read More

  • I
    Iesa Jul 19, 2019 for Perodua Alza

    The Perodua Alza is a boon to the Malaysian market. It not only provides everyday usability and comfort but also offers a good driving experience. The Alza is the most Read More

Toyota Sienta
  • h
    Hisyam Feb 22, 2019 for Toyota Sienta

    design tak lawa. lampu nampak hodoh. maaf kalau sy comment macam. saya sangat tak minat design body dan lampu. tapi brand toyota sy minat cuma toyota sienta sy tak minat. Read More

  • T
    Trucmuche Ogo 23, 2018 for Toyota Sienta

    When my parents moved in with me, it became a constant tussle to fit my entire family of three children, my wife and parents in a car and go for Read More

  • T
    Trucmuche Ogo 20, 2018 for Toyota Sienta

    I wanted to buy a new car that offers a good amount of space in the cabin and looks modern. After spending hours on the internet watching reviews of many Read More

  • T
    Trucmuche Jul 04, 2018 for Toyota Sienta

    There comes a time in every man’s life, when he has to go beyond thinking for himself and think about his family. When the time came in my life, I Read More

From The Experts

  • Pros
  • Cons
Perodua Alza

The best aspect of Perodua Alza is the amount of space on the inside, especially in the front and second row. The seats are well supportive and wide enough to seat three people with ease in the second row, and thanks to the tall boy design, the headroom too is best-in-class.

The Perodua Alza comes with a slightly softer suspension, which is very helpful in making the overall ride quality very comfortable. Adding to more comfortable in-cabin experience, the cooling from AC vents in all the three rows is excellent as well.

The Perodua Alza has one unique feature of premium solar and security window film, something which is usually present only in high-end luxury cars. This feature tries to keep the interior cabin of the car quite cool, making this feature very handy, especially in peak summer conditions.

Toyota Sienta

The roomy interior is a boon for the senior folks

Lot of features

A safe car

Perodua Alza

The Perodua Alza focuses more on function over form, and while the overall styling is decent, it doesn’t feel eye-catching enough to generate interest among the audience towards the way it looks. The boxy looks do manage to maximise space on the inside, however, they also make the vehicle look a bit pale.

Just like the exterior design, even the interior cabin layout is very simple and fails to catch one’s fancy. The centrally positioned instrument console does make the cabin feel dated, and so is the steering wheel and central console design. Even the list of features is limited as well.

While the Perodua Alza impresses with the space in first and second rows, the boot space in the car is almost negligible. Even the third row of seats is best suited for small kids only, thanks to very low knee room.

Toyota Sienta

Looks are polarising

Hard plastics abound in the cabin

CVT is as whiny as it gets

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