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Modenas CT 115S vs Modenas GT128 Comparison

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Overview Modenas CT 115S Modenas GT128
Off Road Price*
(Kuala Lumpur)
RM 4,706 RM 5,283
User Rating
Available Color(s)
Modenas CT 115S Colors
Modenas GT128 Colors
Fuel Type
Petrol Motorcycles in Malaysia
Petrol Motorcycles in Malaysia
Vehicle Type
Moped Motorcycles in Malaysia
Moped Motorcycles in Malaysia

User Review Comparison

Modenas CT 115S
  • T
    Tagako Mar 28, 2022 for Modenas CT 115S

    The Modenas CT115S is a purpose-built scooter that is simply amazing in the entry-level segment. I have been riding the scooter for almost a year and I can say that Read More

  • B
    Benjamin Mar 23, 2022 for Modenas CT 115S

    For people who need a durable, lightweight and very utilitarian motorcycle for daily rides through the city, the Modenas CT 115S is a great choice for them. I bought this Read More

  • C
    Caleb Feb 01, 2022 for Modenas CT 115S

    The CT 115S was introduced to replace the CT 110 and CT 100. Both these bikes were moderately successful. Modenas has lent a fair bit of upgrade to the CT115S. Read More

  • A
    Anthony Nov 15, 2021 for Modenas CT 115S

    The CT 115S is a reliable underbone scooter from Modenas that is known for its peppy engine and comfy ride. I have been using this scooter to sharpen my riding Read More

  • I
    Iyaan Jul 23, 2021 for Modenas CT 115S

    The most interesting fact about this Modenas CT 115S is that it is extremely fuel efficient, much more than what you would expect from a moped of this class. I Read More

Modenas GT128
  • E
    Ehtisham Mar 28, 2022 for Modenas GT128

    If it comes to buying the best moped out in the Malaysian market in the entry-level segment, the Modenas GT128 is the best option for you. I have been riding Read More

  • C
    Cabading Mar 23, 2022 for Modenas GT128

    The Modenas GT128 is one of the premium mopeds from the brand and anyone buying this one will surely not be disappointed. I have been very happy and satisfied with Read More

  • U
    Usama Feb 01, 2022 for Modenas GT128

    Compact two-wheelers definitely make sense for city travelling. They are inexpensive, easy to handle, fuel-efficient, and maintenance-free. Large, burly bikes are for those who want to show off their staff. Read More

  • M
    Manuel Dec 30, 2021 for Modenas GT128

    This moped is a treat to own for the daily commuter. The lightweight design of this moped makes it very easy for you to ride it without much effort. You Read More

  • K
    Khajeer Aug 19, 2021 for Modenas GT128

    I was in head over heels love with the upgraded version of this Modenas model when I first came across this in a local automobile showroom. The bike has its Read More

From The Experts

  • Pros
  • Cons
Modenas CT 115S

Great looks

Surprising equipment level

Affordable to buy and run

Modenas GT128

Sporty design


Modenas CT 115S

Quality issues

Thin tires

Thin seat

Modenas GT128

Build quality at some places

Lack of features

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