11 motorcycle maintenance tips a rider must know

11 motorcycle maintenance tips a rider must know

For any vehicle owner, maintenance is a crucial part. Also, with all the right tips and tricks, you can make sure that your precious possession runs smoothly for a long time. Now, taking care of your motorbike comes with several monetary benefits as well. Like you'll save a lot of money on repair and wear and tear, plus it'll improve your bike's second-hand value, in case you ever decide to sell it. However, above all, regular maintenance will ensure you and your family are safe on the road.

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When talking about motorcycle maintenance, there's nothing better than to refer to the good old manual. These manual have everything one needs to know about bike care, and it also includes a chart listing of maintenance tasks. In case, you come across letters I, C, R, A and L (which you sure will) they stand for -

  • Inspect
  • Clean
  • Replace
  • Adjust
  • Lubricate

Also, when referring to the motorcycle manual, make sure you read the fine print.

In addition to the knowledge gained from the manual, we have listed eleven tips that'll help you keep your motorcycle in top condition. Check out -

1. Brake-in guidelines
Got yourself a new motorcycle? Make sure that you read the manual's chapter on breaking-in as it is essential to treat your bike right, especially for the first few thousand kilometres.

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2. Understand the inn working of the vehicle
There is no denying the fact that a motorbike is a complex machine. However, once you get to know its inner working and understand the operation of each piece, everything seems simple. And you can do the essential maintenance at home itself.

3. Oil change regularly
Depending on the motorcycle model, make sure that you change the oil after 5000 to 10,000 kilometre. Also, note that during winter, the oil lasts a little longer than it does in the summer season.

4. Brake pads maintenance
The next tip is to check your brake pads regularly. If they are thinner than 2 mm, its time to change. It is a life-saving tip.

5. Lubrication is important
In order to keep your bike's engine run smoothly, lubrication is a vital element. Depending on your bike model, you might need to lube the wheel bearings, steering head bearings, and suspension linkages. Inspect the wheel bearing once a year by turning them slowly. Also, it is important to check the fork oil regularly.

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6. Tyres should be in perfect shape
Next, we'll talk about tyres. Before heading out, make sure that the tyre pressure is perfect and also check the tread. Furthermore, check for any cracks, holes, or any wear and tear that can put you in danger on the road. Look out for rot, if you often ride through damp areas, you see, tyres are affected by ground conditions and weather. One important tip is to check the tyre pressure regularly; for this, you can use a pressure gauge that's readily available in the market. Make sure you check the pressure when the bike is cool.

7. Chain maintenance
Ensure that the motorcycle chain has the right amount of slack at the tightest spot. See that there's not much tension as it will cause problems with the gearbox bearing and wheels. One useful tip is to lubricate the chain once you are back from a ride (while it's still warm), the oil will get absorbed as the chain cools down. Always, clean the chain with a spotless cloth and kerosene while changing the oil.

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8. Check the spark plug at home
You can easily check the spark plug at home itself, and we'll tell you how. It's important to do so because a dirty or severely corroded unit should be replaced immediately. Before starting, make sure the engine is cool, then dust off the spark plug, unscrew the socket and ratchet, and inspect it. If it's orange, it means everything is fine. However, white color indicates that your engine is overheating. Black, on the other hand, means that the mixture of air and fuel is too rich. Lastly, the new spark plug should be installed via hand, ensuring they are not screwed too tightly.

9. A clean air filter is a must
The air filter in your bike should be clean; otherwise, dirt and grit will make its way inside the engine. Also, see that it's appropriately oiled and fits correctly. In case you often ride on dusty roads then make sure to regularly clean and replace the air filter.

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10. Monthly battery care
An integral part of motorcycle maintenance tip is to check the battery regularly. Make sure the terminals are clean and the connectors are not loose. Check for charge and leaks once a week. If these things are not taken care of, the life span of the battery will shorten and also impact the bike's performance.

11. Valve adjustment
A few motorbikes need valve adjustment, refer to the manual to find out if it's necessary for your model as well.

These were the eleven motorbike maintenance tips that an owner must follow. For more such articles stay tuned with Zigwheels.

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