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This Jan, 1970 Model has expired

In Malaysia, Chevrolet has discontinued the Colorado and this Cars model is out of production.

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Chevrolet Cars New Chevrolet Colorado 2023

Colorado Pros & Cons

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Things we like in Colorado
  • Dynamic power
  • Spacious interior
  • Elegant looks
  • Plethora of Safety features
Things we don't like in Colorado
  • Mediocre interior finish
  • The Muscle Power variant is bit pricey
  • No petrol option available

Recent Updates of Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado is undoubtedly one of the finest pickups in the Malaysian market. The current model is available in Malaysia in 5 variants with the base variant the Colorado 2.5 LT MT coming at a price of RM 97,053  while the top variant, the Colorado High Country is priced at RM 129,189. Other variants include the 2.5 LT AT, 2.5 LTZ and the 2.8 LTZ. The car runs on an inline 4- cylinder Duramax diesel engine, with two different specifications: a 2449 cc Duramax XLD25 engine making 150 hp at 3800 rpm and a torque of 350 Nm at 2000 rpm and the 2776 cc Duramax XLD28 engine that produces 180 hp at 3800 rpm and a maximum torque of 440 Nm at 2000 rpm.



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Chevrolet Colorado Review

1947 was the year when the all-american Chevrolet first stepped in to the market of producing pick-up trucks , since then the brand has produced almost eight of them and still it accounts a good hold in the sector. After Chevrolet- SSR, LUV, S10, the brand added a new name in the list of compact pick-up trucks- “ Chevrolet Colorado”. Only embedding a diesel engine like most of pick ups in the market, the new Colorado comes in three different engine variants embedded- LT 2.5 MT, LT 2.8 MT and LTZ 2.8 AT. In order to make it more brutal, the brand has launched its all-muscle version too by the name of - “Colorado Muscle Power” which comes in two versions- Muscle Power AT and Muscle Power MT.
Out of three inline 4-cylinder Duramax engines of Colorado, the LT 2.8 MT and LTZ 2.8 AT (only difference being of transmission) churns out the maximum power worth 180 hp at 3800 rpm while the 2.5-litre (LT 2.5 MT) doesn't really disappoint either drawing out a maximum power measuring 150 Hp at 3800 rpm. When it comes to mileage the LT 2.5 MT delivers an average mileage of 11.9 km/l. On the other hand the Muscle Power MT churns out 193 hp at 3800 rpm delivering an average mileage of 10.8 km/l. The Colorado goes for a figure of 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds (LT 2.8 AT) whereas the Muscle Power does it in just 10 seconds, which is no less than amazing for a dedicated pick-up truck. The mighty Muscle Power attains a top speed of 180 km/h whereas the standard Colorado goes for 193 km/h.
Interior of the Colorado is no less than a standard mid-range SUV, providing plethora of comfort modules the truck holds its place as a segment leader. The monstrous exterior with dual port grille and bulky airdamps gives it a beastly look. Modular seating of the Colorado provides a variety of seating postures to the driver as well as passengers. The innovative storage compartments enables one to store basic amenities used during travel. Hill Descent Control System (HDCS) and Hill Start Assist (HSA) enables one to cope with high altitude drivings. Electronic Stabilty Control (ESC) in coordination with Traction Control System (TCS) maintains the stability of the vehicle by providing equal amount of braking pressure to all four wheels. The Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA) equipped in the truck provides extra braking force during sudden braking. The safety steering wheel cushions itself automatically under collision. Use of double wishbone suspension at the front and half-oval steel leaf spring at the rear with gas shock absorber minimizes the risk of understeering and oversteering. Car alarm and immobilizer system provide ample safety against thievery.

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Chevrolet Colorado Interior & Features

Chevrolet Colorado is not just a pick-up truck, it sports a lot more within its cabin. The Colorado comes with a varied style of cab modules. Sporty feel of the Colorado comes from the same odometer as that of the Chevrolet Camaro. All the controls are ergonomically arranged in American-style passenger cabin, so that the driver could have an easy access of all the controls. Odometer with intelligent information display shows proper driving and performance information on the Data Information Center (DIC) equipped in the dash unit. The multi- function power steering of the Colorado comes with audio controls and call answer button through Bluetooth. FM/AM/CD supporting music system of the Colorado gives a high audio definition through its 6-speaker audio system. Temperature control of the cabin is done through a single push of button. The 4 wheel drive model of the Colorado comes with electronic shift that allows easy switching to 2WD, 4WD Hi or 4WD Lo. Kayak Beige color seating of the Colorado comes with maximum comfort and additional lumbar support.

Interior Comfort:

The Colorado comes with numerous comfort features that enables us to enjoy maximum driving pleasure. 6-way power adjustable seats and tiltable steering provides a variety of driving positions. Front armrest with storage compartments provide ample space to accommodate your basic amenities during travel. Cup holders at front and rear allow you to hold your drinks without significant trouble. Foldable second row by 60:40 provides ample space at the rear for settling heavy luggages. Infotainment control on the steering wheel allows you to access the audio system as well as receive calls. The cruise control embedded in the steering wheel makes driving even more simpler while on quiet roads. Electronic 4-wheel drive shift switch allows you to alter between 4WD Hi or 4 WD Lo mode. Chevrolet Camaro inspired odometer gives an accurate performance and driving information display on the Driver Information Center (DIC).

Interior Measurements:

The headroom at the front of the truck is 1005.8 mm. With 6-way power adjustable adjustable seats (4 way manual for the base variants) the legroom of the cab could accommodate a dimension of 1117.6 mm length at the front. Broad silhouette of the truck makes to a shoulder room of 1450.3 mm at the front.


The audio system of the Colorado accommodates a Radio- AM/FM Stereo with 3D sound stage. This music system also hosts USB, CD/MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity. The combination of 6-speakers transforms the truck to a concert hall. MyLink connectivity installed in the Muscle Power facilitates you by connecting you with your friends and family. It provides touch screen display to access entertainment and other features. Phone pairing through Bluetooth Wireless Technology enables you to have hands-free connection. The AUX connection employed in the music system allows you to switch to your favorite list of songs.

Colorado Exterior

The Chevrolet Colorado provides the signature double grille with emblem on the front. Grille on the front is chrome finished with a slight mat black touch-up. Air dampers at the front gives the truck a masculine look. Bulged bonnet of the Colorado embeds a sleek silhouette and adds to the aerodynamic factor of the vehicle. Projector headlamps on the fascia lets you see farther ahead without causing disturbance to the oncoming vehicles. The LED tail lights provides a long lasting effect and utilizes less energy, with third reflector brake lamp visible from a distance. Power-operated ORVM's with built-in LED turn signals offers greater visibility of the vehicles approaching and gives an elegant look to the truck. The chrome garnished front fog lamps provides improved visibility through rain and fog. Roof rails and side steps give the Colorado an off-road trait. Truckbed of the Colorado is big enough to accommodate a load of luggage while planning for a road trip. The Muscle Power variant of Chevrolet Colorado in addition to these standard features, also comes with bed-liners on the truckbed, which shields the inner side of the truck and also creates a dedicated skid free surface allowing any cargo to stay in place.

Exterior Measurements:

The overall dimensions of this pick-up truck measure 5347mm x 1882mm x 1781mm. (L x W x H) Being a compact truck the wheel base of the truck is 3096 mm. The track width of the front/rear is 1570 mm.


The 16 inch alloy of the LT 2.5 and 2.8 MT accommodates a specification of 245/70 R16. On the other hand the LTZ 2.8 AT and Muscle Power AT and MT with 17 inch alloy accommodate a tyre specification of 255/65 R17.

Chevrolet Colorado Mileage Running Cost

Direct Injection System and fixed geometry turbo system in the inline 2.5 L, 4-cylinder Duramax diesel engine allows it to deliver an efficient mileage of 11.9 km/l whereas the addition of servo motor(controlled by engine control module) and variable geometry turbo system to the 2.8 L version of the Colorado allows it to attain a mileage of 10.8 km/l. On the other hand the Muscle Power MT also delivers the same 10.8 km/l mileage with direct fuel injection and Variable Geometry turbocharger as the basic technology.

Colorado Engine & Fuel Consumption

The massive hood of the Chevrolet Colorado accommodates a inline 4- cylinder Duramax diesel engine.
Following are the engines that are settled under the hood of the new Colorado:

LT 2.5 MT Diesel- This 2449 cc Duramax XLD25 engine churns out 150 hp at 3800 rpm boosting a maximum torque of 350 Nm at 2000 rpm.

LT 2.8 MT Diesel- This 2776 cc Duramax XLD28 engine churns out 180 hp at 3800 rpm boosting a maximum torque of 440 Nm at 2000 rpm.

LTZ 2.8 AT Diesel- This 2776 cc Duramax XLD28 engine churns out 180 hp at 3800 rpm boosting a maximum torque of 470 Nm at 2000 rpm.

Muscle Power 2.8 AT- This 2776 cc Duramax XLDE28 engine churns out 193 hp at 3600 rpm boosting a maximum torque of 500 Nm at 2000 rpm.

Muscle Power 2.8 MT- This 2776 cc Duramax XLDE28 engine churns out 193 hp at 3800 rpm boosting a maximum torque of 440 Nm at 2000 rpm.


With Fixed Geometry Turbocharger (FGT) under the hood, the 2.5-litre variant churns out a maximum power of 150 hp at 3800 rpm whereas with Variable Geometry Turbocharger(VGT), the 2.8-litre variant goes for 180 hp at 3800 rpm. The power house of the Muscle Power MT accommodates FGT technology going for a maximum power output measuring 193 hp at 3600 rpm while Muscle Power AT embeds VGT technology and goes for 193 hp at 3800 rpm.

Acceleration and Pickup:

The efficient dynamics and stability of the Colorado allows it to attain a top speed of 193 km/h thereby touching 100 km/h in just 10.2 seconds for LT 2.8 AT variant, these figures however clock 12.2 seconds for the LT 2.5 MT variant. With a more powerful engine embedded, the Muscle Power goes for a top speed of 180 km/h touching 100 km/h in just 10 seconds.

Chevrolet Colorado Braking & Safety

Diagonal Dual Circuit Brake in the Colorado allows it to have an efficient and durable braking system. The braking system of the Colorado accommodates ventilated disc type at the front and drum brakes at the rear. Introduction of ABS and EBD in the truck allows driving more safer. Combination of Independent Double Wishbone suspension at the front and Multi-Leaf spring suspension at the rear allows it encounter off-road tracks. The 3-spoke leather steering of the Colorado accommodates Hydraulic Power Steering mechanism in order to maneuver sharp turns.

Safety and Security:

The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) prevents wheels from locking up. Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) evenly distributes accurate brake force to all the four wheels. Coordination of Traction Control System(TCS) with ABS prevent free spinning of wheels at any torque. The Electronic Stability Control(ECS) manages the stability of vehicle by coordinating engine and braking system. Panic Brake Assist(PBA) senses the actual braking pressure during emergency braking and responds by increasing the braking force. The Cornering Brake Control(CBC) controls the brake force and brake pressure thus reducing the chance of understeering and oversteering. Hill Descent Control System (HDSC) and Hill Start Assist (HSA) in the Muscle Power enables it to encounter high altitudes climbing and descending by managing the coordination between engine and braking thus reducing the risk of roll-back. Safety steering wheel cushion itself automatically in order to reduce steering related injuries. Laminated windshield prevents shattering of glass during crash. Car alarm and Immobilizer system equipped in the car assure decent security against theft.

User Reviews of Chevrolet Colorado

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4.64/5 Very Good based on 14 reviews
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  • Experience Versatility and Power with the Chevrolet Colorado

    I have owned the Chevrolet Colorado for over a year now, and it has been a reliable and versatile vehicle. The car's exterior design exudes...

    Read More
    Aafaaq Feb 28, 2023 for Chevrolet Colorado
  • Massive and powerful

    For people who love classic pickup trucks, the Chevrolet Colorado is an amazing choice. I have been driving the pickup for almost a year now and I am...

    Read More
    Iffaan Dec 27, 2022 for Chevrolet Colorado
  • Ideal traditional pickup that offers amazing driving posture

    Finally, after a vivid market exploration I could figure out a car that will not only satisfy me being a traditional pickup, but side by side will...

    Read More
    Yaqeen Nov 14, 2022 for Chevrolet Colorado
  • The robust pickup

    Pickup trucks can make a great style statement. These are actually multipurpose cars that can carry passengers as well as cargo. The Colorado is...

    Read More
    adidis Jun 09, 2022 for Chevrolet Colorado
  • A well-designed and utilitarian package

    I recently bought the new Chevrolet Colorado. While I did not have many expectations from this pickup truck, very honestly, I bought it primarily for...

    Read More
    Shivesh Mar 23, 2022 for Chevrolet Colorado
  • Very Robust Build and Practical

    The models under the heads of pickup trucks by Chevrolet are pretty enticing and trustworthy. Colorado has got some really great sturdy build that...

    Read More
    Kechik Mar 03, 2022 for Chevrolet Colorado
  • A value for money pickup

    I own three pickup trucks and the Chevrolet Colorado will always be my favourite amongst them. The vehicle is simply a beast both in terms of...

    Read More
    "Nijat " Dec 21, 2021 for Chevrolet Colorado
  • Utilitarian vehicle

    I bought the Chevrolet Colorado under great necessity. I need to commute a moderate amount of goods from one place to another on every alternate day....

    Read More
    Mawiza Nov 08, 2021 for Chevrolet Colorado
  • Powerful and reliable

    The Colorado is a beautiful pickup truck that not only delivers a quality ride but also decent comfort. Unlike other pickup trucks in the market, the...

    Read More
    Andrew Aug 26, 2021 for Chevrolet Colorado
  • An appearance that can entice you

    My perception that a pickup can never be an urban commuter was completely tarnished by Chevrolet Colorado. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t even looking...

    Read More
    Ahkam Jun 02, 2021 for Chevrolet Colorado
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What are the price of Chevrolet Colorado?

The Chevrolet Colorado price in the Malaysia starts from RM RM 97,053 and goes up to RM RM 129,189 (excluding SST).

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