Here's how you can extend your car wipers age

Here's how you can extend your car wipers age

Most car owners take care of their vehicles wholeheartedly, especially the new ones, right? However, with time the attention to detail and care gets less with concentration mainly going to bigger and more visible elements. In all this, one car part that misses out on attention is the car wipers.

Like all the other elements like brake fluid, tyre, and upholstery, the windshield wipers also deserve attention. They much like the others are crucial for the car as during monsoon they are the ones that offer the driver proper visibility. No matter how expensive or affordable the car is, windshield wipers are irreplaceable and no owner can enjoy his car if there is an issue with the visibility. Right?

best maintain windshield wiper blades

In this article, we are going to discuss how to best maintain windshield wiper blades. Now, depending on the usage, wiper blades require replacement after a certain point, as over time, the blades tend to wear down which reduces the wipers' ability to clean the windshield. However, by keeping in mind a few things one can maximize the efficiency and reliability of a wiper blade and for that proper maintenance is a must.

There are several environmental factors that affect wiper blades health. For instance, the sun with its UV rays harms the blades and more so with the ozone deterioration. Also, salt water, acid rain, sand, mud, and dust are bad for the wiper blades. Man-made bits like oil wax badly affect the blades.

best tips to maintain windshield wiper blades

Easy tips to extend the life of windshield wiper blades -

  • Make it a daily routine to clean the windshield
  • Check the wiper blades every six months and change them at least once a year (or sooner, if they wear out faster)
  • During regular check-ups, evaluate both the metal frames and rubber
  • Remove loose dirt and excess oil from the blade by gently whipping the rubber with a damp paper towel
  • Do not use your windshield wipers to de-ice the windshield
  • During the winter months pull the wiper blades away to prevent ice build-up on the rubber
  • In case of a consistent grim film on the windshield that doesn’t get clean with a cleaning agent means the wipers need replacement

how to maintain windshield wiper blades

Major wear-outs that occur over time to windshield wiper blades -

  • Bending of the frame or blade can happen due to several reasons like rough handling of the blade. In such a case, the wiper blade won’t come in contact with the windshield consistently, causing skipping and streaking
  • Drying up the rubber on the blade causes it to harden and eventually crack. The damage to the rubber squeegee can also be caused by tree sap, road tar, and other foreign matter.
  • Lack of use developed a curvature on the wiper blades, this caused them to make an irritating noise and skip points on the windshield.
  • Extensive use of the rubber causes it to wear out, meaning it will be all smooth, rounded or cracked, broken, or split.

Overall, whenever wiper blades wear out due to extensive or lack of use, it calls for a new set to be put in place. Effective wiper blades are essential for a car's safe operation very much like good tyres and clean oil.

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