WMoto Scooters Price in Malaysia

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Check out the 2024 Wmoto motorcycles price list in the Malaysia. As of 20 April 2024, Wmoto sells 11 motorcycles in Malaysia. 6 Scooter, 1 Cruiser, 4 Moped are being offered by Wmoto in the Malaysia. Wmoto’s highly price model is the XDV 250i at RM 21,888 and the cheapest model is the RTR 50 at RM 2,600 . Select a Wmoto motorcycle to know the latest promo in your city, prices, specifications, pictures, mileage and User reviews.

WMoto Motorcycles Price in Malaysia

WMoto Motorcycles Models Price List
Wmoto RTR 50 RM 2,600

WMoto Scooter Malaysia Price List 2024

WMoto scooter prices start at for the most inexpensive model Wmoto Xtreme150i and goes up to RM 21,888 for the most expensive scooter model Wmoto Xtreme150i.There are 3 WMoto scooters available in Malaysia, check out all scooter models April 2024 price below.

WMoto Scooter Models Price List
Wmoto RT3 RM 17,888
Wmoto Gemma 125 RM 6,988
Wmoto XDV 250i RM 18,888 - 21,888
Wmoto ES250i
Wmoto ES125
Wmoto Xtreme150i

Wmoto Malaysia Line-up

Wmoto Scooter Wmoto RT3, Gemma 125, XDV 250i, ES250i, ES125, Xtreme150i
Wmoto Cruiser Wmoto V16
Wmoto Moped Wmoto RTR 50, VE1 110, F-15, WM110
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11 WMoto Scooters Price in Malaysia

  • Wmoto RT3
    Wmoto RT3
    RM 17,888 Expected Price Kuala Lumpur
    Wmoto RT3 Price 1 Variant
  • Wmoto RTR 50
    Wmoto RTR 50
    RM 2,600 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Wmoto RTR 50 Price 1 Variant
  • Wmoto Gemma 125
    Wmoto Gemma 125
    RM 6,988 Expected Price Kuala Lumpur
    Gemma 125 Price 1 Variant
  • Wmoto XDV 250i
    Wmoto XDV 250i
    RM 18,888 - 21,888 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    XDV 250i Price 2 Variants
  • Wmoto ES250i
    Wmoto ES250i Price coming soon 1 Variant
  • Wmoto V16
    Wmoto V16 Price coming soon 1 Variant
  • Wmoto ES125
    Wmoto ES125 Price coming soon 2 Variants
  • Wmoto VE1 110
    Wmoto VE1 110 Price coming soon 2 Variants
  • Wmoto F-15
    Wmoto F-15 Price coming soon 1 Variant
  • Wmoto WM110
    Wmoto WM110 Price coming soon 1 Variant
  • Wmoto Xtreme150i
    Wmoto Xtreme150i Price coming soon 1 Variant
  • Key Highlights of Wmoto Malaysia

    Popular Models Wmoto RT3, Wmoto RTR 50, Gemma 125, XDV 250i, Wmoto ES250i
    Body Type Scooter, Cruiser, Moped
    Fuel Type Petrol
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  • WMoto User Reviews

    • A stylish and practical maxi scooter

      The WMoto RT3 is a sleek and practical maxi-scooter that allows you to embark on journeys with the right blend of comfort and style. This elegant motorcycle is not only great for getting from point A to B but also helps you commute with grace and style making people look at you in awe. From its smooth ride to its

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      Javed Jan 22, 2024 for Wmoto RT3
    • Enthralling looking bike that offers a flawless riding capacity

      My notion about Wmoto brand was almost nil when I first bumped into few of their models in a bike showroom last week. One of their models seriously hooked my attention and I enquired further about it. All I am referring about is Wmoto rtr-50. Looks of the model has a very appealing touch to it which any bike lover

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      Joshua Oct 05, 2023 for Wmoto RTR 50
    • Get excitement to the hilt with the perfect selection of this scooty

      If you aim at availing peak excitement on the go never miss out checking Wmoto gemma-125. I have recently witnessed the model in an automobile showroom and since then too impressed. This dons a unique look to marvel its audience. The sleek aesthetics of the scooter got wonderfully blended with its classic bodywork and the final outcome is mind blowing.

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      Kittipit Feb 15, 2024 for Wmoto Gemma 125
    • Red XDV250i Beyond Expectation...

      I used to ride, Modenas Elite 150(Lasak), Naza GTR 150(Beautiful Design but Under power), SYM 200(Lasak and Abahwl2 Style) and now XDV250i(Ranggi n Power To The Max). Love at first sight. Overall, I give 5 Star to this model, Over power engine, excellent for town use(Easy to cilok2), easy to maintain, 10k mileage and 1 year usage still in good

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      Jazzyazara Azmi Apr 09, 2024 for Wmoto XDV 250i
    • Bold and enjoyable

      The Wmoto ES250i is one of the best scooters in the 250 cc segment in Malaysia right now. After a lot of research, I decided to buy it and to be very honest, I am seriously elated to own it and it has exceeded all my expectations so far. The scooter comes with a bood and sporty design featuring an

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      Tagako Apr 12, 2024 for Wmoto ES250i
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  • WMoto Scooters Price in Malaysia FAQs

    What is the Price list of WMoto Motorcycles in Malaysia?

    WMoto Motorcycles in Malaysia comes with price list of RM 2,600 to RM 21,888 .

    What scooter are offered by WMoto?

    WMoto offers 6 scooter models in the Malaysia namely: Wmoto RT3, Wmoto Gemma 125, Wmoto XDV 250i and Wmoto ES250i.

    What is the newest WMoto Motorcycle?

    The newest motorcycle offered from WMoto in the Malaysia is the all new Wmoto Gemma 125 2024.