Let’s get to know the EV world better word-by-word: Common terms & jargons

Let’s get to know the EV world better word-by-word: Common terms & jargons

As we are stepping into a world where electric cars have become common it is essential to prepare ourselves with everything there is to know. As sooner or later, we all will have one parked outside our home. And when the time comes, every tiny bit of knowledge will help us make a better decision. Don’t you agree?

Malaysian Budget 2022

Furthermore, with the tax break for electric vehicles announced in the Malaysian Budget 2022, the industry is about to experience an influx of the kinds in the showrooms and ultimately on the road.

Supporting the EV future in the country are its drivers themselves. A recent survey conducted by BMW Group revealed that eight out of 10 Malaysian drivers want to see more EVs on the road. This survey gave us many more insights on local car consumer behaviour that we will surely discuss in days to come.

Here are some of the latest cars to join the Malaysia EV line-up -

With so much on the plate and more to come soon, let’s quickly prep ourselves with the common EV terminology. So, the next time when you are a part of an EV-related conversation you won’t feel out of9 place.

type of EV

For making things easy, we have divided EV terminology into different segments including vehicle segment, charging, and battery, type of plugs etc. So, let’s get started

Type of Electric Vehicle



Electric Vehicle. One that is not powered by petrol or diesel. There are several sub-groups within EVs as discussed below


Battery Electric Vehicle. A fully electric car with all the power coming from onboard batteries


Fuel-cell Electric Vehicle. Here electric power to drive the car is derived from hydrogen fuel that via a process is converted into electricity


Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Powdered by both an internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric motor. Do not have a charging port, are self-charging


Mild-hybrid Electric Vehicle. ICE powers the car with a small electric motor only offering an additional power boost


Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Like HEVs they feature both an ICE and an e-motor. However, they have bigger batteries that are plugged in to charge


Range-extender Electric Vehicle. It is basically a BEV with an ICE whose only job is to charge batteries via a generator


EV charger & charging

All terms related to EV charger & charging


Alternating Current. It’s the current that is provided by our regular electric socket at home. Can’t be used to charge an EV, unless converted into DC


Direct Current. Unlike AC, it can charge an electric car


KiloWatt. Measurement of power in an EV


Kilowatt hours. Unit of electricity transferred in an hour by one kW of energy. Denotes EV’s battery capacity, so higher the figure, more electricity storage, & ultimately more range


Types of EV chargers

On-board Charger

Used during AC charging. Converts AC to DC directly on the car itself. Slow charging

DC Fast Charger

Uses an external high-power charger to deliver high-power DC directly to EV’s battery. A faster way to charge an EV

Single-phase AC Charger

A simple AC charging used at home, power comes from one single conductor. Offers slow charging speed

Three-phase AC Charger

Advanced AC charger, power comes from three conductors. Has complicated wiring, not supported by every household


Type of EV charging plugs

Type 1 plug

A five-pin electric charging plug for AC charging

Type 2 plug 

A seven-pin electric charging plug for AC charging


Combined Charging System, adds two extra prongs on either Type 1 or Type 2 plugs to support DC charging. Most used in Malaysia


A DC charging plug found in a few Japanese cars



A few other terms to know


Lithium-ion battery. It is the current standard in EVs, offers fast-changing and good power

Tesla Supercharger

It is a supercharger. It charges the Model S to recharge 80% in 30 minutes


Zero Emission Vehicles. Such vehicles emit no tailpipe pollutants


An EV’s range tells us how far the car can travel solely on electric power

Charging station

A part of the EV infrastructure that supplies power to EV


So, that’s it for today’s lesson, make sure to prepare yourself well before the EV wave hits in all its glory.

Stay tuned with Zigwheels for more informative articles.

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