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Electric Motorcycles Bringing REVolution To Malaysia

In Malaysia, electric vehicles are rapidly gaining popularity for their eco-friendly benefits and cost-effective performance.

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Misconceptions About Electric Vehicles

  • Myth Electric Bikes Can't Go The Distance.
    Fact With advancements in tech, electric bikes can handle daily commutes like a champ.
  • Myth Electric Bikes Hate Rain.
    Fact These bikes are built tough. Rain or shine, they'll keep on rolling.
  • Myth Electric Bike Batteries Die Fast.
    Fact Most batteries last for years with proper care. And no, you don't need to charge them forever.
  • Myth Charging Takes Forever.
    Fact Nah, not anymore. Fast chargers can juice up your bike in no time.
  • Myth Electric Bikes Break The Bank.
    Fact While there are some pricey options out there, you can snag a budget-friendly ride too.

Why The Automotive Future Is Electric

Electric motorcycles in Malaysia are all about quiet rides and eco-friendliness, thanks to their battery-powered engines. They're quieter and greener compared to regular motorcycles with internal combustion engines. Here are a few key features you'll love about electric motorcycles:

Affordable To Run

Sure, buying an electric bike might cost you more upfront, but hear this: they're a breeze to maintain. With fewer parts and longer battery life, you'll save several pretty pennies on maintenance.

Smooth Sailing

Ever dreamt of riding in peace without the rumble of an engine? Electric motorcycles give you just that. They're smooth, quiet, and super easy to handle. There are no gears to fuss over, and they're comfy, too, thanks to their lower centre of gravity.

Loaded With Smart Features

Electric bikes might be available for some time, but they are definitely not stuck in the past. The EV market is a quick adopter of the latest tech and features. These babies come packed with smart tech, ranging from smart grids to AI-powered health checks. It's like riding a futuristic dream.

Eco-warrior Approved

When you choose an electric motorcycle, you're saying yes to Mother Earth. They run on renewable energy, emit zero exhaust fumes, and help keep our planet green and clean.

Easy Charging

Forget the hassle of fuel stops. Just plug in your bike, and in a few hours, you're good to go. Sure, it takes a bit longer than filling up a tank, but with some planning, it's a breeze.

Wallet-friendly Maintenance

Yeah, electric bikes might dent your bank account at first, but trust us, they're a steal in the long run. With fewer parts to oil and replace, EV maintenance is a breeze.

Still A Bit Pricey

Okay, let's be real. Electric motorcycles can be a bit pricey upfront. But with more folks hopping on the green train, prices are bound to drop soon.

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Good And Bad Things About EV

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  • Disadvantages
  • Zero Carbon Footprint

    Electric motorcycles emit no carbon or other harmful gases, making them a clean mode of transportation.

  • Low Cost Of Ownership And Easy Maintenance

    With fewer moving parts, electric motorcycles require less maintenance. While electric bikes may have a higher upfront cost, their overall running costs, whether charged at home or public stations, tend to be cheaper than refuelling traditional bikes.

  • Applauding Performance

    Electric motors offer quicker responsiveness, providing enhanced agility and torque. Moreover, electric motorcycles operate quietly, reducing noise pollution and offering a more relaxed riding experience.

  • Government Subsidies

    Many states in Malaysia offer rebates and tax incentives to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, including motorcycles, promoting eco-friendly transportation choices.

  • Need For Charging Network

    The electric vehicle charging infrastructure is still in its early stages, making it challenging to recharge motorcycles outside of the home, especially in rural areas and during long-distance trips.

  • Limited Range

    Electric motorcycles typically offer shorter driving ranges compared to their traditional counterparts, which can be a significant drawback, particularly for long-distance travel.

  • Charging Time

    While it only takes about 5 minutes to refuel a conventional bike, even with rapid charging, electric bikes require a minimum of 30 minutes to reach a significant charge.

  • Battery Replacement Expense

    While an electric motorcycle's battery pack may only need replacement once during the vehicle's lifetime, it can be a costly affair when necessary.

EV Running Cost Calculator

We took an example of most affordable EV. You can change it by your choice.
We took an example of most affordable Motorcycles. You can change it by your choice.

Saving Per Month

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Enter Petrol Price

Switch to EV and reduce CO2 emission by an estimated 500 kg/year which is equivalent to planting 10 new trees.

How To Maintain Your EV’s Battery

  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures

    Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to temperature extremes, so park your bike in the shade in hot climates and a closed garage in colder regions.

  • Optimal Charging Levels

    It's best to avoid keeping the battery at full charge all the time. Lithium-ion batteries last longest when kept between 20% to 80% state of charge (SOC).

  • Limit Fast Charging

    While convenient, frequent fast charging can generate excessive heat, which can degrade the battery over time.

  • Storage Recommendations

    If you plan not to use the bike for an extended period, charge the battery to around 80% and store it. Avoid leaving the battery at 0% charge for prolonged periods, as it can reduce its lifespan.

  • Avoid Deep Discharges

    Draining the battery to 0% frequently can significantly reduce its lifespan. To maximize its longevity, try to avoid letting the battery's SOC fall below 20%.

Ev Motorcycles Reviews

  • Exquisite EV scooter from the house of BMW

    The moment I got a glimpse of this futuristic looking sophisticated bike I knew this is my kind of vehicle. So far, all two-wheeler EVs appeared almost the same to me. But this BMW model has its own exclusive touch to it. Though I was unable to figure out whether it is a motorbike or scooter with its appearance. Though

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    Afsah Jun 24, 2024 for BMW CE 04
  • Extra comfortable that offers a kap chai essence to it

    Though I was completely unaware about this brand yet this is not a very new brand in automobile scenario. I have recently explored their treeletrik t-70 model and since then got hooked to this brand. This offers a typical kap chai feel and quite a compact model this is. Comfort wise none can complain about the same. With a slight

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    Hannah May 24, 2024 for Treeletrik T-70
  • Recent ride quality, extended range

    I'm impressed by the N-moto scooter's longer range since it helps me reduce my carbon footprint while still allowing me to enjoy the comfort of personal mobility as an eco-conscious customer. The longer range of 145 km makes up for the peak speed of 45 kmph, which is not as good as the other electric scooters. The scooter's low running

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    Imran Apr 24, 2024 for N-moto LX04
  • Unconventional design, good range

    I always wanted to transition to electric transportation but was unable to find a vehicle as per my taste. I tried many electric two-wheelers but they failed to appeal to me. But recently I test-drove the N-moto NCS and fell in love with it. It has an unconventional design and offers a good range for daily commutes. With around 80

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    Afiq Apr 24, 2024 for N-moto NCS
  • Affordable, practical, and stylish

    As someone who gives priority to both performance and aesthetics while buying a new two-wheeler, the NCE S scooter from N-moto has definitely impressed me. Its eye-catching design makes it carve a special niche in its segment. It is not overly flashy like the modern-era scooters. It offers up to a 90 km range which is not outstanding, but still

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    Haziq Apr 24, 2024 for N-moto NCE S
  • Value for money electric scooter from N moto

    I have decided to buy this particular edition from N moto on last month. In fact with so many other different electric scooters in market I was pretty much confused on which one would be the best bet for me. Then this seemed the most appropriate one. Firstly, this can be counted and taken into bucket list as the scooty

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    Azim Feb 15, 2024 for N-moto LX08 Max
  • Competent electric scooter filled with plenty of features

    I was harboring an interest to own an electric scooter for long but was clueless on which of the options would be right choice for me. Finally I got a reference of n-moto lx02 from a close friend of mine. As per him this is a value for money edition and I will be totally in a win win situation

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    Areeya Feb 15, 2024 for N-moto LX02
  • Get best sort of comfort from this electric scooter

    If you are longing to experience best sort of comfort out of your electric scooter I bet you will drool over this model. The riding posture enhanced my interest and enabled me to get confident to buy the product. The scooter is also known to have gained maximum popularity due to its intense versatility. I could well sense about this

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    Apichaya Feb 15, 2024 for N-moto NCF S
  • The perfect delivery scooter

    The new ES-11 scooter is intended to improve city air quality and keep delivery riders safe. It's an electric scooter that doesn't go very far on a single charge. This reduces pollutants and encourages bikers to ride carefully. It's a little step towards a significant transformation in how deliveries are handled in the city. Charging the ES-11 is a breeze

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    Abdul Jan 22, 2024 for Eclimo ES-11
  • The only electric scooter you should buy

    If you need a premium electric scooter with a striking design and exceptional performance, then the BMW CE 04 is the ultimate choice in Malaysia right now. The scooter comes with a completely different styling theme that is nothing like any other scooter and along with sharp, sporty, and aggressive styling, you also get exceptional performance and a very comfortable

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    Daniel Dec 06, 2023 for BMW CE 04

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast are electric motorcycles?

Electric motors produce all their torque from 0rpm. Electric vehicles have a very rapid acceleration. To keep the range under control, most manufacturers of electric two-wheelers cap their top speed between 65kmph and 85kmph.

Which are the popular electric motorcycles in Malaysia?

Top 5 popular electric motorcycles in Malaysia are T-70, CE 04, ES-11, NCE S and TC Max. To checkout the complete list of electric motorcycles, Electric Motorcycles

Do electric motorcycles need a license?

Yes, If the maximum speed of an electric motorcycle & scooter is over 25kmph, a license and two-wheeler registration is required.

Do electric motorcycles need insurance?

In Malaysia, a driving licence is needed to be able to drive any motor vehicle on the road. This is according to section 26(1) of the Road Transport Act.

What is the electric motorcycle scheme in Malaysia?

The government announced the Electric Motorcycle Use Promotion Scheme in the Budget 2024. This scheme offers a rebate up to RM2,400 for users who switch to electric motorcycles.

Is electric motorcycle legal in Malaysia?

Yes, JPJ Malaysia has classified e-bikes for road use. It happened only after e-bikes passed the JPJ Vehicle Type Approval and were submitted to the authority.

How long does it take to charge an e-motorbike battery?

Charging time depends on the battery pack capacity and the recharging unit. On average, an e-motorcycle gets fully charged in 45 minutes.

Why are electric motorcycles considered environmentally friendly?

Unlike internal combustion engine-powered motorcycles, electric motorcycles do not emit smoke, require fossil fuels, and make noise.

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