Electric Motorcycles

Electric Motorcycles - Beginning Of A New Era

  • Sustainable for the environment
    Sustainable for the environment

    E-bikes are eco friendly as they do not emit smoke unlike their counterparts powered by internal combustion engines. There is no foul petrol burning smell and the absence of tailpipe assures zero emission.

  • Zero fuel expense
    Zero fuel expense

    A lot can be saved by an e-bike owner. Running on an electric charge means the owner saves up on petrol bills. Thus, making buying an e-motorcycle a one-time investment.

  • Smooth and comfortable ride
    Smooth and comfortable ride

    Electric motorcycles emit zero sound. The fact remains true even during full-throttle movement.

Electric Motorcycles

Advantages Of Buying An Electric Motorcycle?

The excitement of electric Motorcycle

Low maintenance cost Low maintenance cost

The internal combustion engine-powered motorcycles feature a complicated setup including spark plugs, timing belts, air & oil filters, gearbox, and more. Electric motorcycles, on the other hand, feature a simple internal layout with fluids, tires, and brake pads. Thus, calling for a very low maintenance cost, saving the owner big on regular e-bike upkeep.

Be an environment saviour Be an environment saviour

Using electric motorcycles makes one an environmental warrior. There is no emission of harmful gases and zero usage of fossil fuels. Thus, giving our future generation cleaner air to breathe and resources to enjoy.

Super easy to operate Super easy to operate

Anyone can ride an electric bike. There are no gears and clutch, you just need to learn to balance and you are good to go. Just push the start button and enjoy your journey. The power delivery is instant and there is no loss of power during re-starting.

Primary Components of Electric Motorcycles

Major parts that make e-bike work are: -

Motor Motor

One of the key components responsible for the working of the e-bike is the motor. It is mounted low on the chassis, positioned in front of the rear wheel. With just the size of an alternator, the e-motor delivers the highest torque and the same is offered as soon as the throttle is rotated.

Battery pack Battery pack

E-bike batteries and battery packs can be best explained as the lifeblood of the machinery. Depending on the manufacturer and e-bike power requirement, it can use either one of the following batteries - lithium, lithium-ion, lead-acid, lithium phosphate, lithium-ion phosphate, and nickel-metal hybrid. Mileage between 40-100 miles is offered based on the charge.

Charger Charger

The battery of an electric vehicle gets fueled by the charger, whose shape and size vary as per the electric motorcycle. Sometimes the charger comes bundled with the e-bike and other times the manufacturer may set up a charging station at a convenient spot.

Electric Motorcycles in Malaysia

Electric motorcycles are coming, they are the future and it's better to get prepared. JPJ Malaysia has classified e-bikes for road use, after passing JPJ Vehicle Type Approval and being submitted to the authority. Thus making them fully safe and sound for daily commute.
Electric bikes are taxed and insured in Malaysia and one can ride them using a standard motorcycle license. Also, the road tax on e-bikes is not as much as on combustion-engine units. It ranges from RM 2 (for units up to 150 cc) to RM 350 (for units with 801 cc and above displacing engines). The insurance premium in the case of electric bikes depends on the sum insured without taking into account the rider's age, riding experience, and riding record.
As for maintenance, though there is an immediate reduction of daily petrol cost, one has to bear the battery replacement cost at the end of life. Other running costs involve the replacement of brake and tyres. Not to forget the cost of electricity for charging.
Speaking of which, electric vehicle charging is heavily based in the country towards electric cars. There is no provision at all for fast charging an e-bike and we hope for the situation to change soon. Until then removable battery packs come in handy as a feasible solution with some major manufactures in plans to standardise the specification across the industry.
While with an e-motorcycle one has to be aware of electric supply, especially when travelling to isolated locations, however, there is a flip side to it as well. For instance, they are fun to ride, the motor torque is available from start, and the quietness they bring to the urban space.

  • Interested in buying an e-bike/motorcycle?

    Well, the Malaysian market has several good options to consider like the Super Soco TC & TSX, Treeletrik T-90 & T-70, and many more.

  • Is electric motorcycle legal in Malaysia?

    Yes, JPJ Malaysia has classified e-bikes for road use. It happened only after e-bikes passed the JPJ Vehicle Type Approval and were submitted to the authority.

  • Do you need a licence to ride an electric motorbike in Malaysia?

    Yes. A standard motorcycle licence is all you need to ride an e-bike in Malaysia.

  • How long does it take to charge an e-motorbike battery?

    Charging time depends on the battery pack capacity and the recharging unit. On average, an e-motorcycle gets fully charged in 45 minutes.

  • Why are electric motorcycles considered environmentally friendly?

    Unlike internal combustion engine-powered motorcycles, electric motorcycles do not emit smoke, require fossil fuels, and make noise.