First LiveWire bike launched in the US, the LiveWire ONE

First LiveWire bike launched in the US, the LiveWire ONE

KUALA LUMPUR: No, LiveWire is not a completely new name in the motorcycle industry, as it was earlier associated with Harley-Davidson. But, not any longer, it is now a stand-alone brand whose first product is now up for grabs in the United States. Known as the LiveWire ONE, it is an electric bike with the potential to tick all the right boxes when it comes to sustainable, eco-friendly bikes. In addition, it packs enough power to excite and take on long routes without worrying about range.

The company claims the LiveWire ONE to be an evolution in the field of long-distance travel on a single charge. The riders who love cruisers would definitely love this ‘ONE’.

LiveWire ONE details

"As part of The Hardwire Strategy, we made a commitment that Harley-Davidson would lead in electric. We recognized the pioneering spirit and brand value in LiveWire for our community and took the decision to evolve the original LiveWire motorcycle into a dedicated EV brand. Today’s LiveWire ONE builds on the DNA of Harley-Davidson but with the electric focus and ambition of the new LiveWire brand. Harley-Davidson and LiveWire will continue to rewrite the motorcycle rulebook and we are excited about this next chapter in our legacy," said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President, and CEO of Harley Davidson.

LiveWire ONE engine details

Powerplant configuration

The LiveWire ONE, like the Harley-Davidson LiveWire pumps out a maximum power of 150 hp. Its 13.6kWh battery delivers the following range - 235 km in the city, 152 km in city & highway combined.

LiveWire ONE specs

Charging details

The LiveWire ONE comes with Level 3 DC Fast Charging gear that takes only 60 minutes to fuel the battery completely, i.e. 100%. In 45 minutes, the electric bike will be 80% charged.

So, what are your thoughts on LiveWire’s first electric motorcycle? Do let us know in the comments.

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