Newron Motors opens EV-1 e-bike bookings

Newron Motors opens EV-1 e-bike bookings

KUALA LUMPUR: French electric motorcycle manufacturer Newron Motors has opened bookings for the EV-1 e-bike for a refundable deposit of €2,000 (approximately RM 9,601). The price of the bike is around €60,000 (approximately RM 288,000) and the first batch will be limited to just 12 units. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2021.

Newron calls the EV-1 the ‘first electric power cruiser’. The bike is mounted on an exoskeleton chassis which links the rear and the front-end thanks to a structural battery unit. The motorcycle has a low seat, high-end suspension, and a chopped out front that lends a comfortable riding experience. The bike has a curved wooden body panel to forge a unique aesthetic look. The vehicle reportedly has colour changing LED lights.

Newron EV-1

The Newron EV-1 is powered by a lithium-ion battery which is designed like a barrel-shaped container. It dominates the bike’s chassis. The company claims that the EV-1 returns a mileage of 300 km in urban conditions, while the highway mileage is pegged at 220 km. The battery can be recharged via a type-2 charger which, according to Newron, can recharge the unit up to 80 percent in about 40 minutes with a fast direct current (DC) charging station. The 3kW standard onboard charger takes about five hours to fully recharge the bike. The optional 7kW charger brings down the recharging time to 2.30 hours with a type-2 domestic supply socket.

Newron EV-1 side profile

The EV-1, according to Newron, has an intelligent power meter which regulates the energy usage based on the planned destination.
The EV-1 e-bike’s motor drives the carbon-fire rear wheel through a shaft drive. The motor produces around 100 PS maximum power and 240 Nm peak torque. Newron claims that the bike can reach 0-100 kmph in less than three seconds while its highest speed is 220 kmph. The vehicle has a ground clearance of 680mm and a kerb weight of 220kg.

Newron EV-1 exterior

Newron also has plans to begin full-scale production of the e-bike. The company is positioning the motorcycle as a premium product to lock horns with other e-bikes like the Arc Vector, Curtiss Hades, and the Sarolea Manx7. However, expect Curtis, most other premium e-bike manufacturers have since gone silent after the initial euphoria.


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