Strict motorcycle emission regulations enforced in Singapore

Strict motorcycle emission regulations enforced in Singapore

KUALA LUMPUR: Singapore is one ASEAN country that employs its homeland laws very strictly. For instance, it is one of the very few nations to have banned the selling of bubble gums just because they don't want people to spit them around carelessly and eventually create a mess. If someone is found selling them he/she is charged with SGD 100,000 fine (around RM 310,293), plus 2-year jail time.

As for the recent regulation complying with motorcycles, starting April 6, 2023 owners of old vehicles plying on the nation's streets must meet the new emission regulations or else face a heavy penalty. All this is being done to control the high levels of air pollution and improve the air quality.

Singapore latest emission regulation

Now, the question arises, how 'old' is considered 'old' by the government. As per Singapore's National Environmental Agency (NEA) motorcycles registered before July 1, 2003, come under this new regulation. The agency's official statement said, “These motorcycles can continue to be used until Jun 30, 2028, as long as they meet the tightened in-use emission standards.”

As for the motorcycles registered after July 1, 2003, they are already covered by the new emission policy. Furthermore, the same regulations apply to foreign motorcycles coming in or passing by the country. NEA said, “This is similar to current rules requiring foreign motorcycles to adhere to the same exhaust noise limit as local motorcycles, and not to emit any smoke or visible vapour."

Singapore old motorbike ban

That's not all. Motorcycles registered prior to July 1, 2023, will be altogether banned from running on the roads from July 1, 2028. However, owners will be allowed to retain their beloved vehicle as a classic motorcycle. The statement on the same read, "NEA is exploring a temporary scheme which would allow local motorcycles that were first registered between Jul 2, 1993, and Jun 30, 2003, to be retained after Jun 30, 2028, until such time when they are eligible for the Classic Vehicle Scheme."

So, what do you think about Singapore's latest motorcycle emission regulation? Do let us know in the comments.

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