New electric scooters and bikes from Honda by 2024

New electric scooters and bikes from Honda by 2024

KUALA LUMPUR: Honda recently revealed its future plans that clearly indicate its aim to make the most out of the global electric two-wheeler space. As early as 2024, Honda will roll our new electric scooter and bike, hailing from the personal and fun category. A high-performance EV will also be part of the package.

Let’s now check out in detail what Honda has planned for each category, starting with the personal use EV.

Honda electric scooter

Under the personal use space, Honda has planned to introduce three vehicles. From a presentation graphic released by the company we get a fair idea about their body-style, i.e., two electric scooters and one motorcycle. Though Honda has been numb about technical or any other kind of details, the two electric scooters are said to deliver similar performance as generated from a 50cc to 125cc petrol-powered vehicle.

Honda EV plan 2024

Coming to the FUN category, Honda plans to introduce an electric motorcycle. Unlike the personal use bike, this one is believed to be a high-performance electric unit. At least that we were able to make out from the graphic image.

It is true that Honda’s EV plan is directed to the international market, however seeing its strong presence in the local market we can’t deny the possibility of the electric units arriving in the country.

Furthermore, the electric scooter and motorcycle market is gaining momentum in the country. So, we might get our hands on one of Honda’s upcoming EV creations soon.

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Honda Motorcycle Models

  • Honda CBR250RR
    Honda CBR250RR
  • Honda X-ADV
    Honda X-ADV
  • Honda BeAT
    Honda BeAT
  • Honda Wave Alpha
    Honda Wave Alpha
  • Honda CBR650R
    Honda CBR650R
  • Honda RS150R
    Honda RS150R
  • Honda CBR500R
    Honda CBR500R
  • Honda CB250R
    Honda CB250R
  • Honda Wave125i
    Honda Wave125i
  • Honda Forza
    Honda Forza
  • Honda Super Cub
    Honda Super Cub
  • Honda Vario
    Honda Vario
  • Honda PCX
    Honda PCX
  • Honda Rebel
    Honda Rebel
  • Honda EX5
    Honda EX5
  • Honda Dash 125
    Honda Dash 125
  • Honda Future Fi
    Honda Future Fi
  • Honda CRF250
    Honda CRF250
  • Honda CB1000R
    Honda CB1000R
  • Honda Air Blade
    Honda Air Blade
  • Honda CB500F
    Honda CB500F
  • Honda CB650R
    Honda CB650R
  • Honda MSX125 SF
    Honda MSX125 SF
  • Honda Monkey
    Honda Monkey
  • Honda PCX Hybrid
    Honda PCX Hybrid
  • Honda CB500X
    Honda CB500X
  • Honda CB1100 RS
    Honda CB1100 RS
  • Honda GL1800 Gold Wing
    Honda GL1800 Gold Wing
  • Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports
    Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports
  • Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin
    Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin
  • Honda  CBR1000RR-R
    Honda CBR1000RR-R
  • Honda Africa Twin
    Honda Africa Twin
  • Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports
    Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports
  • Honda Wave Dash
    Honda Wave Dash
  • Honda Spacy
    Honda Spacy
  • Honda CBR1000RR
    Honda CBR1000RR
  • Honda NSS300
    Honda NSS300
Honda Motorcycles


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