Ford Ranger vs Toyota Hilux: Specifications Comparison

Ford Ranger vs Toyota Hilux: Specifications Comparison

Pick-up vehicles have come a long way, haven’t they? Especially in the Malaysian market. Gone are the days when these daddy vehicles were just meant to carry goods across towns. Today one can find these cars being used as a family vehicle, which was not the case earlier.

And you cannot take away the due credit from the Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux for being the trendsetters. With amazingly comfortable interiors and stylish exterior, these pickups are now making their way into more and more households.

We will be making an in-detail comparison between the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux based on various criterions in this article.

Design & Interior

With the much-needed recent remodelling, the Hilux has managed to turn many heads. The Ranger, on the other hand, has its own unique appeal. It’s tough to choose between the two when it comes to looks.

The chrome grille at the front gives Hilux a lot more dominant and aggressive look as compared to the Ranger. The Hilux’s bulged headlamps with LED projectors also take an edge over Ranger’s Halogen projectors headlamps.

The 21st-century robust design of the Ranger comes with a sturdy look. The chrome grille at the front of the top variant cannot go unnoticed. Another thing we liked about the Ford Ranger is the way the company has managed to give a slightly different design to each of its variants.

The interior design of the Ranger seems to be inspired by the Ford Everest, especially, when you look at its steering wheel, dashboard, and the center console. The pickup vehicle is also very spacious from the inside.

When it comes to the Toyota Hilux, you will find black leather seats on the inside which perfectly complements the overall appearance of the vehicle. Its 6.1-inch touchscreen dashboard, notable knee room, and comfortable seats are some of the features which are hard to ignore.

Ranger vs Hilux dimension

The Ranger with a length of 5,362 mm is longer than the Toyota Hilux by 32mm and also a winner when it comes to comparing the width of both the vehicles, not by much though. The Ranger having a height of 1,815 mm also soars higher than the Hilux, which is limited to 1,795 mm. The Ranger also has a better wheelbase of 3,220 mm in comparison to 3,085 mm of the Hilux. The Hilux, though, beats the Ranger when we talk about the ground clearance.

Performance & Handling

The 4-cylinder inline engine of the Toyota Hilux comes mated to a 4WD transmission system with both automatic and manual options. This pickup is available with two different engine options: a 2.5-liter mill delivering a maximum power of 144 PS at 3,400 rpm along with a peak torque of 343 Nm at 1600-2800 rpm, and a 3.0-liter engine that is capable of producing a maximum power of 163 PS at 3,400 rpm and peak torque of 343 Nm at 1,400-3,200 rpm.

Ranger vs Hilux engine

The Ford Ranger is available in 5 different variants with two different engine options - a 2.2-liter and a 3.2-liter diesel engine. The Ranger, when running on its 2.2-liter engine produces a maximum power of 160 PS at 3,200 rpm with a peak torque of 385Nm between 1,600 and 2,600 rpm. Its 3.2-liter engine, on the other hand, churns out a maximum power of 200 PS at 3,000 rpm along with a peak torque of 470 Nm between 1,750 and 2,500 rpm.

The Ford Ranger easily has an upper hand when it comes to performance. It also delivers a better mileage than the Toyota Hilux. The Hilux’s 2.5-liter engine delivers 10.8 kmpl of mileage, whereas, the 2.2-liter engine of the Ranger delivers a mileage of 12.3 kmpl.

The Toyota Hilux comes with a 6-way adjustable seat for the driver which adds to the convenience and makes for a better experience. The Ford Ranger also has its pack of goodies with an excellent braking and minimal body roll while accelerating.

Safety & Pricing

The Toyota Hilux comes with a number of safety features like Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Load Sensing Proportioning, and Bypass Valve (LSP & BV), and Limited Slip Differential (LSD). It also houses two SRS airbags and Collapsible Steering Column. The Ventilated disc brakes at the front and Trail Drum brakes at the rear ensure a safe and comfortable drive.

The Ford Ranger features some of the advanced safety features which include Hill Launch Assist, Trailer Sway Assist, Traction Control System, two airbags, and power door lock. Additional safety features like front side and side curtain airbags are present in the top end variants.

Ford Ranger vs Toyota Hilux Price

The base variant of the Ford Ranger is available at a price of RM83,588 whereas, the base variant of the Hilux will cost you RM87,200. When talking about the top-end options, the Ranger costs RM141,833 which is around RM6,000 higher than that of Hilux.

With more powerful engines and better performance, the Ford Ranger takes an edge over Toyota Hilux, although not by much. But if we have to make a decision, we will go with the Ford Ranger.

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Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger Comparison

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Ford Ranger
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