Porsche Mission E to feature a range of variants

  • Dis 13, 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: Porsche revealed its Mission E concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show for the first time and since then it was a matter of discussion for the petrol heads. The company’s first pure-electric and fifth model line is still under development but, in the recent updates, it is revealed that it will be offered with a range of variants. The decision has been taken after witnessing the success of the electrified version of Panamera. The Panamera E-Hybrid has contributed to the 60% sales of the company across the globe.

Porsche Mission E

The response is up to 90 percent in Scandinavia due to added incentives introduced by the government on electric vehicles. This is also a result of a shift in the interest of the consumers, which is now inclined towards green vehicles. For Porsche, the Mission E is the first step towards Volkswagen Group’s vision of offering an electric version of every model in its lineup by 2030. However, the 911 series will be an exception and won’t see any electric version. But, 911 will be offered with a plug-in hybrid technology with its next-generation, which is scheduled for launch in 2018.

Mission E Rear

The all-new Mission E will be powered by two electric motors, one on each axle. The combined system will be able to deliver a maximum power output of 608 hp and peak torque of 899 Nm. The powerhouse of the car, lithium-ion batteries are mounted on the floor and the total weight of the electric car reads 2,000 kg. But, this figure does not mean that the car will be not agile, you will be able to clock 100 kmph mark from naught in mere 3.6 seconds and 200 kmph under 12 seconds, which is commendable.

It will be equipped with an 800V rapid-charging system, which will charge the 80 percent of the battery in just 15 minutes. There will be a number of variants with different power figures, range and chassis set-ups. Let’s see when we see the first iteration of the production version.


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