Tesla Model Y: Buyer’s guide

Tesla Model Y: Buyer’s guide

Finally, the wait is over, customers of the Tesla Model Y will now be able to take the stunning EV home and have the pleasure of driving the car.


  • In how many variants is the Tesla Model Y offered?

    Tesla Model Y is offered in three variants, namely the Model Y RWD, Model Y Long Range Dual Motor AWD, and the Model Y Performance.
  • How much does the Tesla Model Y cost?

    Prices for the American all-electric SUV start at RM199,000.
  • Launched way back in July 2023, Tesla Malaysia on Mar 12, 2024 started deliveries of the Model Y, giving customers the pleasure they were looking for. The delivery event for the electric SUV took place at Tesla Malaysia’s Cyberjaya Experience Centre where we could see happy and excited faces.

    If you are interested in buying the new Tesla SUV but are confused then we are here to help. Get to know all about the Tesla Model Y and then make a well-informed decision. Let’s get started -

    Tesla Model Y

    Tesla Model Y - Variants & pricing

    Tesla Malaysia is offering the Model Y in three variants namely, Model Y RWD, Model Y Long Range Dual Motor AWD, and Model Y Performance Dual Motor AWD, with prices starting from RM199,000 (on-the-road without insurance).

    Model Y RWD


    Model Y Long Range Dual Motor AWD,


    Model Y Performance Dual Motor AWD


    Part of every purchase is a four-year/80,000 km Basic Vehicle Warranty and an eight-year/160,000 km Battery & Drive Unit Warranty.

    Tesla Model Y - Powertrain & range

    Depending on the variant, the Tesla Model Y is powered by either a single - or dual-motor setup. The common element for both is the 400V electric architecture, the actual battery capacity for each motor is kept under wraps. However, Tesla differentiates each via the driving range.

    Model Y RWD: It features a single motor powered by 57.5 kWh battery that offers a range of 455 km. As for the output, its setup offers a maximum power of 347 hp along with a peak torque of 420 Nm.

    As for century sprinting, the base model takes 6.9 seconds to touch the 100 kmph mark and attain a top speed of 217 km.

    Model Long Range Dual Motor AWD: As the name suggests, the mid-spec Tesla Y features a 75 kWh battery that offers a 533 km range. The setup is responsible for a maximum horsepower of 514 hp and 493 km of peak torque.

    The variant goes from a standstill to 100 km in 5.0 seconds, after achieving a top speed of 210 kmph. The model is offered with an optional Acceleration Boost feature that reduces the 0-100 kmph time to just 4.5 seconds.

    Model Y Performance Dual Motor AWD: Like the mid-spec model, the range-topping Tesla Model Y features a 75 km battery. However, here it offers a range of 514 km. The output figures are altered to 534 hp and 660 Nm.

    Being the top-spec variant, it goes from 0 to 100 kmph in just 3.7 seconds and attains a top speed of 250 kmph. Supporting its sporting credentials are features like aluminum pedals, a Performance Brake system, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, and a lowered suspension.

    Tesla Model Y

    Tesla Model Y - Cabin features

    The company’s signature minimalistic design language is carried forward on the inside too. For instance, the simplistic dashboard is only interrupted by a single 15-inch touchscreen at the center serving as both the infotainment system and instrument cluster display.

    Globally available and offered in five and seven-seater configurations, the MY-spec model misses out on a seven-seater layout.

    The 5-seater options offer an elevated seating position and low dash offering the driver a commanding view of the road ahead. Along with enough storage space, and plenty of legroom at the front and rear.

    Even in the most basic form, the EV’s spec sheet packs some of the most advanced features including -

    • 15-inch touchscreen display
    • Dual wireless mobile charger
    • Automatic climate control with HEPA air filter and Bioweapon
    • Defense mode
    • Electrically adjustable front seats
    • Front and rear seat heating
    • Vegan leather upholstery, black-white upholstery color available as an option, RM5,000
    • Panoramic glass roof with UV and infrared protection film
    • 13-speaker sound system
    • 4 USB-C ports
    • Sentry Mode video recording as dashcam
    • 854-liter rear cargo space, 117-liter ‘frunk’ storage area
    • All-glass roof (enjoy an open feel along with a quiet ride and protection from heat & UV rays)

    Tesla Model Y

    Tesla Model Y: Advanced driver assistance system

    All Tesla Model Y variants feature the basic Autopilot advanced driver assistance suite as a standard feature. Part of the kit is bits like autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and lane centering assist.

    For an extra RM 16,000, buyers can opt for the Enhanced Autopilot option that adds advanced features like - an automatic overtaking function, an automatic lane change system, a ‘Navigate on Autopilot’ (it automatically moves the EV into the right lane for highway exits), a Smart Summon system (it drive’s the EV autonomously through a car park), and an automatic overtaking function.

    Tesla Malaysia also offers a RM 32,000 worth ‘Full Self-Driving’ package consisting of both Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot gears along with Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control’. In the future, the setup will also include ‘Autosteer on city streets’.

    Button line

    The all-new Tesla Model Y is a pretty exciting EV loaded with features and a powerful powertrain.

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