BMW 5 Series 530i M Sport test drive review

BMW 5 Series 530i M Sport test drive review

When you’re in the market for a premium executive sedan, there are two paths in which you can travel.


  • How much is the BMW 5 Series 530i M Sport?

    The BMW 5 Series 530i M Sport is priced at RM368,122 on the road without insurance and SST
  • How quick is the 530i M Sport?

    The BMW 5 Series 530i M Sport sprints form 0 to 100km/h in 6.7 seconds
  • While the first is the path towards comfort and luxury, the other is the road towards sportiness and the pure joy of driving, and that is where you will find this car we’re looking at – the new BMW 5 Series 530i M Sport.

    Launched last year, the new BMW 530i M Sport which is priced at RM368,122 on the road without insurance and SST, is assembled locally.

    BMW 530i M Sport

    If you opt for the extended five-year warranty program which includes a free scheduled service package, you will have to pay RM384,942 for the car.


    Compared to the more conservative looking pre-facelift version, the updated 530i M Sport here looks much sportier and more youthful thanks to the redesigned front-end which includes sleeker kidney grilles, redesigned headlights, as well as the new L-shaped daytime running lights.

    It is also worth mentioning here that the standard headlights now feature BMW’s Laser lights technology which was available only as an option previously.

    BMW 530i M Sport

    Since the car comes in M Sport trim, it features new sporty looking bumpers with large air intakes and black contrasting bits, and also a set of sporty Y-design 19-inch M alloy wheels.

    At the rear, we have new three-dimensional LED taillights and twin exhaust pipes.

    The colour we’re looking at here is called Phytonic Blue, which comes paired with Black Dakota interior upholstery.

    BMW 530i M Sport 

    All the updates and new features mentioned above do not only make the new 530i M Sport look significantly sportier and sexier than its predecessors, but also its rivals like the new E-Class that looks like it was designed exclusively for senior citizens.

    It’s also impressive how the new 530i M Sport turns heads towards it and completely demands the attention of everyone nearby even when it’s parked.


    Unlike the exterior, the changes inside the new 530i M Sport is not as striking, and requires a second look before you can actually notice the differences compared to the outgoing model.

    BMW 530i M Sport

    We now have seats that have been redesigned to provide greater level of comfort, a larger 12.3-inch instrument panel display, another 12.3-inch central display which is two-inches wider than before, new steering controls, and BMW’s latest Operating System 7.0 that powers the infotainment system.

    Constantly reminding us that we’re in an “M Sport” variant are components like the chunky M Sport steering wheel, M alloy sports pedals, and the M scuff plates on the side sills.

    Another big upgrade than before is the addition of the Parking Assistant Plus feature which comes with a 360-degree camera and 3D view, versus the regular reverse camera in the predecessor.

    BMW 530i M Sport

    Other standard features include a Harman Kardon sound system, a sunroof, as well as a head-up display.

    As much as BMW claims that the seats are more comfortable, they felt a tad too firm for our liking. There’s no denying the fact that they offer great level of support but it would’ve felt better if they were slightly softer.

    On the upside, the chunky M Sport steering wheel feels fantastic while driving, the new surround view camera and 3D view do a superb job in assisting while parking and manoeuvring through tight spots, and the four rear air vents make sure that rear occupants are always “chilled”.

    BMW 530i M Sport

    Head and leg space is not an issue at all as five adults can sit comfortably in the 530i M Sport, but the catch is that the rear seats are quite low, which means that occupants who are old, and those with back issues will have a tough time getting in and out of the car.

    Another downside is that the 530i M Sport’s interior looks rather simple compared to its rivals that come with super flashy cabins like Mercedes-Benz and their humungous screens and turbine air vents, or Lexus with all the wooden trim inside.

    So, if visual appeal is a big deal for you, the 530i M Sport here may not be what you’re looking for coz it’s rather plain. However, just because it looks simple, it doesn’t mean that it lacks features.

    BMW 530i M Sport

    The 530i M Sport is actually packed with cool features like Gesture Control, Voice Command, powered blinds and a sunshade, ambient lighting, a kick-ass audio system, and digital controls for almost everything in the car.

    Driving impressions

    Powering the 530i M Sport here is an updated version of the B48 2.0 litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine which was also found in the pre-facelift model.

    Although BMW has fitted an improved fuel injection system, the performance level is identical with the outgoing model, producing 252 PS from 5,200 to 6,500 rpm and 350 Nm of torque between 1,450 and 4,800 rpm.

    Power is sent exclusively to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

    BMW 530i M Sport

    The firm seats, chunky steering wheel, blacked out interior and the ‘M’ emblem wherever the eyes can see certainly gives a very strong “sports car” vibe the moment you sit in the driver’s seat of the 530i M Sport.

    Despite its size, manoeuvring the 530i M Sport was not an issue at all, thanks to all the sensors and cameras that start making noises the moment the car gets too close to something.

    The list of active safety and driver assistance features is also quite comprehensive, ensuring top level of safety at all times.

    BMW 530i M Sport

    Unlike some of its rivals that just overwhelm you with the amount of buttons, switches and screens, the simplicity of the 5’s cabin saw us getting used to the car in no time.

    Capable of accelerating from standstill to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds, power delivery is seamless and adequate at all times, although it isn’t as explosive and addictive as its electrified sibling, the 530e M Sport PHEV.

    In typical BMW fashion, steering feedback is sharp as ever and it was a case of ‘just point and shoot’. Body roll is non-existent and there is plenty grip too.

    BMW 530i M Sport

    As exciting as it is to drive the 530i M Sport fast, we couldn’t help it but wish that the suspension was tad softer at least in ‘Comfort’ mode, as things felt too firm for our liking especially on roads filled with bumps and potholes.


    If the new BMW 5 Series 530i M Sport can be described in one word, we feel that ‘firm’ would be it, for a number of reasons.

    To begin, the first couple of things that connect the driver and the car which are the seats and the steering wheel are as firm as they can be, oozing with sportiness.

    BMW 530i M Sport

    And then we have the design of the car which also screams ‘sporty’, firmly stating BMW’s intentions with the 530i which is to give buyers something less luxurious and more youthful and exciting.

    The ride and handling of the car is also firmer than its rivals like the new E-Class, which means that the 5 is a much more engaging car to drive although it compromises comfort a little bit.

    Instead of offering the same thing its rivals offer, BMW is offering the complete opposite of what you would get in an E-Class.

    BMW 530i M Sport

    While the E is all about luxury and comfort, the 5 here is all about sportiness and making you feel young at heart.

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