Braking Tips - Things to Keep in Mind While Driving

  • Okt 31, 2018

Braking is a crucial part of the driving regime. Its an art of performance that every driver needs to understand. Lack of which is to accidents. Most of the drivers don’t know how to use the brakes properly, thus resulting in crashes. The most common mistakes that drivers do is, they miscalculate their braking distance – especially at high speeds. So, here are some things a driver should keep in mind while braking. As technical aids like Advance Emergency Braking System (AEBS) and Anti-Locking Braking System (ABS) aren’t always useful enough.

 Braking Tips

Run the vehicle at low speed

Maintaining speed limits according to your handling ability is obviously the best way to prevent accidents. We all know that the faster the vehicle is, the more distance it'll require for a complete stop. Also, at extraordinary speed, the chances of skidding increases, due to the less friction between the tires and the road.

 Braking Tips - low speed

Use your right foot while braking

It doesn’t matter, what kind of car you drive - automatic or manual. The rules of braking remain the same. It’s always recommended to use the right foot while braking for a calm and smooth braking efficiency. Using left foot for braking is not a problem, but sometimes confusion may occur. One might mistake the brake pedal for the clutch and vice versa. Thus facing serious consequences.

Brake calmly and go with the flow

Most drivers have a habit of applying hard pressure on the brake pedal unconsciously. This habit might turn into a serious threat, if not corrected on time. As already mentioned, braking is an art of performance, best done smoothly and gently. Applying brakes gently will not only save you from losing traction but also give you a plush and comfortable ride.

 Braking Tips on curves

Avoid braking on the curves

Drifting is a driving concept best suited for specific tracks. However, braking hard on the curves that too on normal road conditions might get you in trouble. Hard braking on corners and curves increases the chances of skidding by 99%. The best suggestion on curves is slow down gently before entering the curve or to use engine braking.

Don't press the pedals beyond limit

Applying pressure on the brake pedals to the floor with sudden force will get you nothing but engage you and your vehicles life at risk. We all know this phenomenon very well that applying brakes beyond a limit will 100% end up with skidding. Therefore, we would recommend to give maximum attention on the road and apply brakes gently while maintaining your running speed.

 Braking padel

Avoid abrupt braking

Abrupt braking indicates lack of attention on the road while driving. As we’ve already mentioned, maintain your speed limit. Sudden braking is also a result of high speed and rash driving, both of which are risky for you and others on the road. As the modern car technology goes, a vehicle with optimum braking system and tyres would require at least seven meters per second squared (7 m/s2).

To avoid accidents from abrupt braking, keep an eye on the road and maintain a specific distance between vehicles. Apart from that also drive according to the present on road conditions, as it plays a vital role in maintaining optimum brakes' effectivity.

Try not to use harsh braking on wet and slippery roads

 Braking Tips on wet roads

Wet and slippery road conditions as the worst for automobiles as there is less friction between your tyres and the road. Also, in flooded areas when the brake pads get in contact with water, the stopping power of the brakes rapidly decreases which results in increased stopping distance.

So, try not to get in any kind troubles with braking and follow the above-listed rules for a safer drive. For more such content stay connected to Zigwheels.


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